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Where will YOU Be, This Time Next Year?

It’s Right Now. Do You Know Where Your Goals Are?

For those of you who are too young to remember, when I was growing up, there was a public service announcement that came on the television every evening that said, “It’s 10 o’clock! Do you know where your children are?” It served as a good reminder to parents to make sure their children were safe, secure, and accounted for. It served as a good reminder for parents to take stock of the status of their homes.

But what about you? What about your dreams, your goals, and your intentions? Are the things you want to achieve in life safe, secure, and accounted for?

If that question makes you feel that old familiar pang of disappointment or shame, please don’t beat yourself up! Let this be a good reminder for you to take stock of the status of your life.

Are you on the right path? Are you headed in the right direction? Are you confident that the changes you’re wanting to make will last? If you don’t take stock now, it will be impossible for you get where you want to be in the future. Where will you be Tomorrow? Next week? Next Month?

Where will You Be, this time Next Year?

If you’re struggling with the same challenges this year that you were fighting last year, it might be time to take a different approach! Honestly, it takes more than hard work and determination to reach your potential. Most of us (especially those of us with ADHD/ADD) wake up every day with determination and the best of intentions to put in that hard work needed to make changes. Yet, most of us wake up, day after day, fighting the same fight and battling the same battle. It’s really no wonder that we lose faith in ourselves and our abilities!

To reach your potential, it takes the right knowledge, the right mindset, support, and an ability to rely on your strengths. It takes all of these things, plus tools and skills and systems to support you! From my own personal experience and from helping thousands of individuals with ADHD over the last fifteen-plus years, I believe it takes a strength-based approach, and a focus on improving our thinking to really learn to manage our challenges in ways that really last.

I often say that what’s going on “between your ears” is the toughest nut to crack, but it’s also the most important nut to crack. Because…

Lasting Change Starts on the Inside!

Don’t give up on those goals and resolutions! It’s not too late! Every day that you wake up truly is an opportunity to make lasting change.

What are you prepared to do differently, today? What’s really getting in your way of success, and how can you start to rely more on your own strengths, natural talents, and what’s already working for you to make those changes easier?

Doing the same thing over and over, is going to give you the same results, over and over!  Why not try a new approach?

So, for today, pick just One Thing to do better than yesterday. If you can’t decide where to start, answer this question: What’s the One Thing that would make the biggest improvement in your peace of mind (quality of life) it you were to get it moving in a better direction? Then…

What’s One Thing you can do, most easily, that will help you start to move in that direction, today?  Right now?

Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it doesn’t count or won’t make a difference.  Focus on that One Thing, start to move, and make a more intentional effort to pay attention to your progress, as well as your thinking that might be getting in the way.

It may not be your natural inclination, but making small improvements, over time, will add up to big changes in the long run.  Making small improvements over time is really the only way to make lasting change.

I believe in you. Do you?

Lynne Edris

P.S. If your struggles with follow-through, overwhelm and avoidance are keeping you from reaching your potential, I’d like to offer you a new approach to that as well!  I created the  Get It Done© group program as a New Approach to help you Solve Overwhelm, Overcome Procrastination and Reach Your Potential! Learn more at  

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