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Relive the Time to Thrive!© 2021 program that had the most current, proven, practical tools, resources and support to help you rise above the chaos and reach your potential faster.

Now, you can have access to all 5 weeks of the Time to Thrive© 2021 Program Replays in the convenience of a private membership site. Get all 15 videos from leading experts, downloadable audio records of all 15 sessions, and All the Fast Action Guide Downloads with implementation fieldwork exercises to help you make lasting change by applying what you’re learning with consistent action. All in one place!  

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Lynne A. Edris

Your Host for Time to Thrive!©, Leading ADHD & Productivity Expert,  and Co-Host ADHD Support Talk Podcast

For nearly 15 years, Lynne has helped overwhelmed professionals from all over the world learn to accomplish what they intend and take control of their calendars so that they can perform at the level of their abilities and have more time, more energy and more money for what matters most to them.

In this Program, You're Going to Learn

How to make sure you get The Right Things Done, even Amidst Chaos & Turmoil

How to Master Motivation when you need it most.

How to Break Through Procrastination and Improve your Follow-Through with Practical Strategies.

How to Get Organized & Shave Hours Off Your Day So You Know Exactly What to Do & What to Get Rid Of

How to Never Feel Alone in the Struggle to Keep Up with Life

(This is Your Community. We've Got Your Back!)

What Top Experts Do to Perform At Their Potential Consistently

They'll Share Their Insider Secrets to Answer Your Questions So You Can Make It Work In Your Life, Too!

Life is full of uncertainty, now more than ever. 

But there is one thing that is certain: This can be an Amazing Opportunity to hone your skills, be unstoppable, reach the goals that have eluded you until now, and Step Into Your Greatness. 

We’re going to show you how in this FREE 5-week program 

Comments from Time to Thrive Participants

Mary Ann Time to Thrive post: "What you do is helping me to be a better mother to my 3 boys with adhd ... You validate us"
Time to Thrive Terry post "This has been such an amazing journey, more enlightening than I could ever imagine. The main thing I have now is Hope. I have hope again of discovering my true self, and appreciate my difference and celebrate wins! Thank you Lynne Edris and this awesome group!"
Time to Thrive Cathy Post: "I have hope for the first time in years". Kelley replies, "Me too, this program has been life changing"

Meet Our 2021 Time to Thrive Experts

Bonnie Mincu

an ADHD Coach since 2001, when she left corporate management consulting to do executive coaching, training and organization development on her own

Bonnie found she was getting nothing done, and discovered, to her surprise, that she was ADD. She then got training in coaching ADHD adults, and began Thrive with ADD. 

Over the last 20 years, Bonnie’s used her background in training and process redesign to develop many resources for ADHD. She’s an annual presenter at virtual ADHD conferences, and taught her workshop at New York University. Her training program, Productivity Pathfinder, helps ADHD adults achieve self-mastery

Topic: Roadblocks, Minefields & Blind Spots – How to recognize and avoid them before they trip you up again

You most likely have particular patterns of thinking or behaving that are your personal minefields. They’re so much a part of you that you don’t realize the impact they have.

To create effective solutions, you must know exactly what causes the problems you’re experiencing, beyond the symptom at the surface. There’s a simple technique to get at the root cause of the problem, and to realize what triggers it. Once you’ve identified your most common roadblocks you can keep them from tripping you up.

Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., MS

Internationally recognized ADHD/Executive Function expert, a highly engaging, sought-after speaker, and the host of the ADHD Essentials Podcast.

A former teacher, mental health counselor, and principal, Brendan helps individuals, families, schools, and businesses manage the challenges of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and neurodiversity through an approach that blends education, collaborative problem-solving, and accountability with compassion, humor, a focus on strengths and growth, and his trademark Wall of Awful™ model

Topic: Improving Communication with Emotions and Logic

Dr. Kenny Handelman

A child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist who is an expert in ADHD

He is board certified in Canada and the US and is the founder of The Centre for Integrative Mental Health – a clinic which assesses and treats ADHD across the lifespan.  He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University. Dr. Handelman is the best-selling author of Attention Difference Disorder, a book for parents of kids and teens with ADHD.  Dr. Handelman speaks internationally on ADHD and has taught doctors in 21 countries across 4 continents. He also has adult ADHD himself.

Topic: Getting Great Medical Care for ADD/ADHD

Why don’t doctors know enough about ADD/ADHD? How does it make any sense that you have to educate your doctor about ADD/ADHD? 

In this session, Dr. Kenny will help you to understand the complexity of these issues; and give you insider strategies and tips to get the best medical care you can.  You’ll discover information about the diagnosis of ADHD and coexisting conditions, medications for ADHD, finding good therapy for ADHD, and more. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a doctor who knows a lot about ADHD, or whether you have to fight to get good care, Dr. Kenny will give you insider tips on getting the most out of your care for ADD/ADHD.

Linda Roggli

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC), award-winning author and founder of the A-D-Diva Network for ADHD women 40-and-better.

She is an internationally-recognized expert in midlife and senior ADHD. She co-founded the Annual ADHD Women’s and ADHD Parents’ Palooza, online conversations with 30+  ADHD experts. (adhdpalooza.com) She also created the popular ADHD Get Organized program which features live organizing sessions.

Linda’s book “Confessions of an ADDiva- midlife in the non-linear lane” won first prize for women’s issues in the prestigious Next Generation Indy Book Awards. She chairs the webinar committee for ADDA. She lives in Durham, NC with her slightly OCD husband, one OCD cat, four adorable ADHD Shelties and nine cackling hens.

Topic: Get Organized in the Era of COVID (and beyond)

Piles, stacks, “messes” — they are part of the ADHD repertoire. But now that we’re home more than ever, those piles, et al  are far more visible, annoying and overwhelming. It’s time get started: conquer those piles!  Join us for a candid, practical and often humorous look at how we can use our ADHD to help get organized and (perhaps even) stay that way. Down-to-earth advice tailored specifically for our ADHD brain!

Nikki Kinzer

A professional certified ADHD coach and co-host of Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast. 

Nikki’s passion is to partner with individuals to help them build positive life habits, reduce stress, and take back control of their lives.

Topic: Creating Joy in Your ADHD Life!

Finding joy in your life with ADHD is complicated. The stress and anxiety around to-do lists, getting things done, remembering what to get done, follow through, etc. can suck the joy right out of a person. It’s easy to focus on everything that’s going wrong rather than focusing on what’s going right. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, in this presentation, we will talk about different ideas and strategies on finding more joy in your everyday life!

Roxanne Jarett

Roxanne’s work with ADHD Entrepreneurs was showcased at 2020’s ADHD Awareness Expo, the ADHD Toolbox, and selected as an Innovative Program by the 2020 International ADHD Conference

Roxanne teaches creative entrepreneurs with ADHD how to finish their launches with more joy and less stress. . An educator, performing artist, and content creator with ADHD, Roxanne has been a featured guest on the How to ADHD YouTube channel, as well as on the ADHD reWired, ADHD Essentials, and ADHD Artist podcasts

Topic: Entrepreneurship: A No-Brainer for ADHD Innovators

Roxanne discusses why entrepreneurship is a great choice for ADHDers, particularly those who are struggling in their careers. She’ll talk about how to avoid common pitfalls and work to your strengths to maximize your chances of success and life fulfillment.

Sharon Saline, Psy D

A clinical psychologist and author of the award-winning book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life and The ADHD solution card deck

Dr. Sharon specializes in working with kids, young adults and families living with ADHD, learning disabilities and mental health issues. She helps families and adults move towards effective communication and closer connections. She speaks internationally on topics such as understanding ADHD, executive functioning, anxiety and different kinds of learners. Dr. Saline is a regular contributor to ADDitudemag.com, PsychologyToday.com, and a part-time lecturer at the Smith School for Social Work.

Topic: Stuck in anxiety’s grip? How to reduce worrying and nurture calm and resilience instead

In these uncertain times, we are all struggling with more anxiety. Adults with ADHD naturally wrestle with handling worry and uncertainty because of their biological executive functioning challenges. Dr. Sharon Saline, veteran psychologist and author of What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working together to empower kids for success in school and life and The ADHD Solution Deck, teaches you how to worry less, stop expecting the worst and bounce back from disappointment. You’ll learn how to make the essential shift from anxiety to curiosity and anticipate what’s coming with a positive attitude and optimism.

Dr. Tamara Rosier

As the founder of the ADHD Center of West Michigan, Dr. Rosier leads a team of ADHD specialists who help their clients build understanding, learn effective strategies, and develop new skills to effectively live with ADHD.

Dr. Tamara Rosier has been a college administrator, a professor, a leadership consultant, and a high school teacher. As an ADHD coach, she works with her clients to identify their ADD thinking traps and create meaningful changes in their lives. She facilitates meaningful discussions among families affected by ADHD that improve communication and relationships.

As President of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), she works with a dedicated and hardworking board of directors to increase awareness of the effectiveness of ADHD coaching and meet her members’ needs.

Topic: Beyond Rabbit Holes Managing Your Thinking Habits

Most people who have ADHD have a divergent thinking pattern that makes falling down rabbit holes a way of life. Divergent, in this case, means tending to develop in different directions (usually at once). Our minds generate ideas far beyond rote thinking or expected boundaries. 

The problem arises when a task requires us to do the opposite type of thinking. Convergent thinking is a thought pattern that brings together information that focuses on solving a non-creative problem, one that has a single, correct solution. Learn how to manage your divergent thinking process and when to use convergent thinking.

Tara McGillicuddy, SCAC

An internationally recognized Adult ADD / ADHD Expert. Since 1997 Tara has been providing virtual support and Education to people affected by ADD / ADHD. 

Tara has a passion for helping people affected by ADD/ ADHD lead happy and productive lives. Through the use of online technology Tara has spent the last 2 decades connecting people affected by ADD /ADHD with Education and Support resources. She is also a Reiki Master, Intuitive Empath and Evidential Medium.

Topic: Manage Your Mindset to Thrive with ADHD

Skills, strategies and tools are down right useless if you do not have a healthy and successful mindset. Tara will help you evaluate and become aware of your own mindset. She will also help you shift and create a mindset which will help you Thrive with ADHD.

When the Dust Settles, You can be Even Further from Where You Want to Be, Or …

You Can Take Control of Your Time & Your Life

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If you are looking for tools, strategies, support and positivity, you’re in the right place! 

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Time to Thrive!©

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I get it! I really do. As a woman with ADD, I’ve been there myself and I’ve come out the other side. I’ve lived in a constant state of chaos, overwhelm and under-performance, and I’ve come through to create a life with more success, fulfillment and freedom than I once dreamed possible. 

It’s my passion to help others, and I know you can share the same success!

 As a Productivity & ADHD Coach for nearly 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you break the chains of procrastination and overwhelm and finally perform at the level of their abilities, consistently! 

 In my private practice, I help my clients update their internal operating systems, their thinking and perspective, as well as the practical tools and strategies they use so that they can fully maximize their abilities. 

 I help them upgrade their thinking, their tools and their lives!

Program Details:

Expert Help

Each week, you will learn from some of the world’s top ADHD / ADD & Productivity Experts for free, from the comfort of your home. You will get Fast Action Guides, Expert Coaching, Implementation and Accountability all within the Time to Thrive!© group.


A private, exclusive 24/7 Facebook community just for our tribe is the group hub where you can share, ask questions, get and give support among people who get you and want you to be successful!

Strategies & Tools

Weekly lessons, tools and action guides to help you take control of your time and accomplish what you intend more easily.

Motivation & Structure

Weekly Fieldwork to help you implement what you learn, and Focused Work Sessions to create the structure and motivation you need to get focused work done amidst chaos.

Live Support

3 Live expert trainings each week, with live interaction with your guide, expert Productivity & ADHD Coach Lynne Edris in the private Facebook Community.

YouTube Channel Access

New for 2021! A Time to Thrive YouTube playlist on our channel so you can watch all the live trainings on another platform.

Time to Thrive 2021 Program Master Your Time. Meet Your Potential.

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But I also know that you’re not alone!   Together, we can come out the other side of this crisis stronger, empowered, and more connected. 

This is Your Time. It’s . . .

Time to Focus. 

Time to Connect

Time to Be Productive

Time to Create

Time to Achieve 

Time to Get Stuff Done

Time to Recharge

It’s Time to thrive!

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