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Six Reasons Why Coaching Works


You are one-of-a-kind with unique strengths and tendencies, so trying to fit yourself into someone else's box doesn't work. Personalized, customized solutions that are tailor-made to fit your wonderful uniqueness is the fastest path to the live you were born to live!

pattern interruption

The structure and support within a professional coaching relationship interrupts unconscious patterns, creating an opportunity to consciously look at what is happening and choose differently to improve outcomes.

conscious goal commitment

What you pay attention to grows. If you make a conscious commitment to move forward with a goal or intention, you’ve immediately increased your chances of realizing that goal or intention.

real time feedback

Ongoing conversation and action plans allow for immediate feedback. New ideas or concerns can be quickly addressed and appropriate changes adopted to keep the momentum going with real-time, honest support, collaboration and feedback.

Focus on strengths

Identify your unique strengths, talents and gifts and use them to perform at the level of your abilities consistently. Unleash your potential by uncovering and learning to work with your personal strengths to minimize challenges and put your performance in sync with your abilities.


Making a commitment to your coach increases the consciousness that is brought to that commitment. It is no longer simply something you want to do, but something you have committed to doing. Big difference.


Coaching helps you to define what you want and how you’re going to get there, then keeps you moving toward the realization of that goal or intention in a practical, real-life way.


Questions and answers are at the heart of coaching. An appropriately trained and experienced coach inspires thought and action through the process of inquiry and improved awareness. What do you want? What stands in your way? How will you get there?

Choose the perfect PROGAM

Private Coaching, Group Program, Online Self-Paced Program?  Deciding the right approach for you now is the first step in stopping the overwhelm and creating the life and freedom you want.  Let’s schedule a consultation to discuss where you are, what you need and how I can best support you.

You can stay stuck where you are . . .
or You can Let me Help You Start
"firing on All Cylinders" too!




Frequently asked questions

Coaching is a supportive, non-judgmental relationship geared toward client growth.  Coaching is different from other helping professions in that it is totally geared toward moving the client forward–whatever that means to the client.  Coaching should be a truly safe and confidential partnership which focuses on client self-discovery in helping clients clarify and attain personal goals in all areas of life.  Coaching is about helping the client work toward his or her goals and develop the systems and tools that work best with strengths and learning style.

For a very thorough explanation of ADHD Coaching and how it works, please check out my podcast interview with Dr. Kenny Handelman about ADHD Coaching.

Nancy Ratey, Ed.M, MCC, SCAC has a great resource explaining the difference, please see: Therapy and ADD Coaching: Similarities, Differences, and Collaboration

An ADHD Coach* or ADD Coach is a Life Coach with specialized training in working with individuals with ADHD & ADD characteristics. The primary difference between a well-trained ADD Coach and other Coaches is their education and understanding of different processing, learning and organizational styles and how to use those styles and the natural tendencies of the individual to help them learn to function at their best at home, at work, and in their whole lives. Of course, I am trained to work specifically with people with ADHD / ADD, and what individuals with similar traits (such as disorganization, procrastination, poor time-management, and week follow-through) need in order to be successful. A well-trained ADD Coach also has expert training and experience in coaching to help the client address what may be going on “between their ears” that is keeping them from making lasting changes. 

A well-trained and experienced ADD Coach will have a well-developed toolkit of systems, skills, and strategies for helping a client learn how to attain their best life. The Coach works with the client to help identify and develop the tools that work for the client and their unique, individual personality and learning/processing style. An ADD Coach can help a client identify, clarify and establish goals for their life and supports them in reaching their full potential. It is very important that an individual finds a Coach who understands and patiently accepts the manifestations of their unique challenges, and whose personality and style fits their own.

Coaching is as individual as each client. Coaching is hard work and requires a commitment on both the part of the Client and Coach. A Client must come to the relationship ready to do the work needed to take a good, honest look at themselves and with an open mind. A Coach must come to the relationship ready to be accepting of the individual client and open to seeing and hearing more than what is on the surface.

*ADD Coaching is NOT: providing a diagnosis; psychotherapy; or medical treatment.  It is not a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all approach to helping. An ADD Coach is NOT a licensed medical professional, psychologist, counselor or diagnostician.  Please consult a licensed medical or psychological professional for diagnosis and medical treatment of ADHD / ADD.

For more than a decade, I’ve helped professionals just like you… 

  • Bright, Talented Individuals who Struggle to Reach their Potential due to Challenges with things like…
    • Procrastination
    • Disorganization
    • Poor Time-Management
    • Weak Follow-Through, and
    • Having too Much on Their Plate

I can help You “Start Firing on All Cylinders” in all areas of life, so that you can have

More Time
More Energy, and even
More Money for what Means Most to You.

I have been where my clients are. I am a woman with ADD myself, and I’ve gone from living in a constant state of chaos and overwhelm, to living a life of Success and Fulfillment. I know what it feels like to end my days feeling Gratified and Satisfied (most days, anyway!), and I want YOU to know that feeling, too!

Whether or not you have ADD / ADHD like me, think you may, or know you don’t, if this is your struggle…

You’ve come to the Right Place!

The reasons for your struggles aren’t nearly as important as the solutions, and that’s what I work to help you uncover. 

That’s why I say . . .

If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck . . . 

It doesn’t really matter what you call it. The solutions are very similar!

Coaching is a supportive, non-judgmental, trusting relationship geared toward client growth.  It is essential that the Coaching relationship feel safe and non-judgmental to the client in order for true discovery and awareness to be fostered.  It is imperative for the client to find a Coach with whose philosophy you agree, and with a style that fits your personality. The ACO  (ADHD Coaches Organization) is a great resource for finding professional coaches with specific training in ADHD Coaching.  The best way to choose a Coach is to have a complimentary, confidential consultation.

The vast majority of Coaching is not done in person.  Most coaching relationships are cultivated over the telephone and via internet, which makes the most of the client’s limited free time and fosters confidentiality.  With phone coaching, no time is wasted on travel, sitting in waiting rooms, or trying to find parking.  Phone coaching maximizes the client’s session time!  With today’s technology,  you have access to Coaches located all over the world and the freedom to choose the Coach who fits you best!

Let me Change Your Perspective on your abilities!  Contact me for a complimentary, confidential consultation*!

Our clients say

"Lynne is absolutely AMAZING!! She has helped me tremendously with my struggles/challenges living with ADHD! Her down-to-earth manner makes her so easy to communicate with and her experiences and expertise in the field as an ADD coach are priceless!!"
Sharon T
"You are nothing short of a MIRACLE. You have gotten me to see even the most impossible situations as challenges I can handle! Boy, a year ago I thought there was very little that I could handle; now I'm ready to change the world!"
"Lynne is a wonderful coach! She always has creative ideas, suggestions and recommendations based on my own specific issues with ADHD. Lynne is friendly, compassionate, patient, understanding, and never judgmental. Not only have I learned a lot from Lynne, but I also enjoy talking and working with her. ... I highly recommend Lynne as an ADHD coach – you will love her!"
""I am so glad I made the investment in myself and also got to know Lynne in the process. I use tips and strategies every day that she helped me develop. I would recommend time with Lynne any day. Get out of your head, make the call and take care of you!"