Droves of paper flood our homes and offices every day: memos and mail, bills and magazines, notices and schedules.  Sometimes it feels like a never-ending battle.  Our war on paper costs us time and money every day.  But more than that, it costs us peace of mind and it costs us control.  Learning to manage the never-ending stream of paper that flows into and out of our lives enables us to regain that control.  It gives us a greater sense of peace, and calm.  And that is truly priceless!

In this Session,  you’ll learn why so many of us who have ADD struggle with the paper in our lives, and I’ll give you some tools to help you start to implement your own systems for dealing with paper–systems that work for you, with your own natural strengths, tendencies, and how you process information. When you’re working from your strengths, you can win the war on paper yourself, once and for all! 

Your purchase includes the Paper Management Made Easy audio download (MP3) so that you can listen to the session at your own pace and on-the-go, as well as a transcript (PDF) download with companion Fieldwork questions to help you work through the content.  

Regardless of your preferred method of learning, my products will have you covered: audio content for verbal processing, written content for visual processing, and interactive Fieldwork questions for tactile processing.

Paper Management Made Easy course. Win the War on Paper For Good

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