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Some of my favorite episodes:

Procrastination and Avoidance: A different take on ADHD Struggles with Follow Through

In this episode, I share a different take on the common adult ADHD struggles with poor follow-through, procrastination, and avoidance. I talk about procrastination as a coping mechanism gone awry, and help you get to the bottom of WHY you procrastinate and avoid the things you need to do (and sometimes even want to do) and give you some practical strategies you can use today to follow through more easily and more consistently.

This episode originally aired on 4/25/21. Click Here


Grief, Loss, Resilience and Support with ADHD

Although we may not always recognize it as such, many of us deal with different forms of grief and loss at different points in our lives that can be deeply impactful to our wellbeing. Whether it is grief from the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, a way of life, or a diagnosis, how we navigate grief and loss ourselves and how we help others get through challenging times can make a world of difference. I am joined by guests Colleen Gianatiempo and Dena Betti of iSoulify to talk about loss, grief, resilience, and the many ways we can support each other during challenging times.

This episode originally aired on 3/8/21. Click Here


You Know You Have ADHD When…

Join me to take a look at the lighter side of life with ADHD, sharing stories from my experience and that of my clients that start with “You know you have ADHD when…”. Episode Takeaway: Life with ADHD can be hard, but it’s a little easier to keep moving forward if you can keep your sense of humor and connect with those who get it! .

This episode originally aired on 12/23/2020. Click Here


Meal Planning Simplified for ADHD

Learn why meal planning and grocery shopping can be a struggle with adult ADHD, and gives you simple ADHD-friendly strategies to make meal planning and food shopping a breeze, saving you money, time, energy and bandwidth!
This episode originally aired on 10/13/2020. Click Here

Overwhelm Clarity and Productivity with Adult ADHD 

Overwhelm is an epidemic, especially for adults with ADHD / ADD. Co-host Lynne Edris talks about the root of overwhelm, and the antidote, and shares some simple strategies for improving productivity and keeping overwhelm at bay.

This podcast episode originally aired on 5/31/2019. Click Here


Motivation Overwhelm and Productivity with ADHD the Motivation Myth

Join co-host Lynne Edris to learn what to do when you are overwhelmed, stuck, and can’t find motivation. She explains what she calls the “ADD Motivation Myth” and gives you simple strategies to improve productivity even when you are uninspired!

This podcast episode originally aired on 4/18/2019. Click Here


On-Time and in Control with ADHD

During this ADHD Podcast episode, Tara McGillicuddy interviews Lynne Edris about being On-Time and in Control with ADHD.

This interview originally aired at the 2017 ADHD Awareness Expo. Click Here


Executive Function Productivity ADHD Essential Strategies Tools and Systems 

Co-host Lynne Edris shares one of her most helpful strategies to improve productivity for adults with ADHD. She gives a brief overview of Executive Functions and ADHD and discusses tools for planning, prioritization, task management, and time blindness.

This podcast episode originally aired on 2/20/2019. Click Here