The Holiday Season can be extremely stressful for many of us who are affected by ADHD. The added demands on our overtaxed calendars and to-do lists, along with the avalanche of details to manage, can turn anyone a bit Hum Bug!

In this session, you’ll learn why those of us affected by ADHD (Adults and parents alike) often struggle during the Holiday season. You’ll learn practical tools to make this year, and future years, different so that you can actually enjoy the Holiday season for a change!

Your purchase includes the Simple Steps to Happier Holidays audio download (MP3) so that  you can listen to the session at your own pace and on-the-go, as well as a transcript (PDF) download with companion Fieldwork questions to help you work through the content.  You will also receive your own “Holiday Command and Control Center Template” which you can personalize to guide you to more peaceful, stress-free Holidays, year after year!

Do more than surviving the Holidays: Enjoy Them!

Regardless of your preferred method of learning, my products will have you covered: audio content for verbal processing, written content for visual processing, and interactive Fieldwork questions for tactile processing.  

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