The Keys to Time Management (Part 2): “Improving Your ‘Time Sight'”

The Keys to Time Management (Part 2): “Improving Your ‘Time Sight'”

Struggling with Time Management is a universal complaint among the individuals who come to my coaching practice for help. And, honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to work on with a client because the results of the work we do can be a really dramatic, tangible improvement in their performance and their quality of…

Getting the Right Things Done! Even with ADHD
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Getting the Right Things Done! Even with ADHD

If you’re like me, you’ve struggled with Getting the Right Things Done without killing yourself. I’ve always marveled at those people who are like natural Time Management ninjas. They seem to have been born knowing how to arrive on time, stay focused, stay organized, accomplish what they intend, and manage life like the confident captain…

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3 Behaviors Essential to Time Management

Just about every new coaching client asks me, “What kind of calendar is best for Time Management?” My answer is always the same… “The one you use!” Which specific type of calendar you use is significantly less important than most people realize. It’s been my experience over about a decade of coaching individuals with ADHD…

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“Out-the-Door” Struggles, Punctuality, and the Morning Fog

As an ADD Coach, one of the most common complaints I hear from clients is about difficulty being on time: for work, for appointments, for meetings, and even for fun events.  It is stressful for us, frustrating for others, and can cause problems in personal as well as professional relationships.  For parents, our out-the-door struggles…

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Managing the Stress of ADHD/ADD

In today’s world, we’re all under increased stress.  Most of us feel we have no time to slow down.  Our schedules and calendars are jam-packed, and we often live our lives at a frantic pace.  Stress can come from a myriad of sources: work, school, relationships, financial pressures, and health concerns. Stress is actually not…