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Stop Procrastinating! The Life You were Meant to Live is Waiting for YOU!

Spring is a time for rebirth! 

So much of what I hear from my clients is about what they want to change this year and beyond.  I know many of you are holding the same kinds of thoughts right now.  And, honestly…

That makes me kind of sad.

So many of us have hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations that will never be realized.

Regardless of what you want for yourself and your future, it takes more than hope and wishful thinking to get there.

You need the right thinking, knowledge, support, hard work, and follow-through.  And as much as I try, I can’t think of any exceptions to this!

Want to start or grow a business?  Yep.  Want to improve your health or fitness?  Yep.  Want to improve your financial well-being, your career, or your relationships?  Yep.

As a Coach, my job is to help my clients get the right kind of thinking, to supply the knowledge and support, and to help my clients learn to follow-through (among other things).  We do the hard work together!

What do you need to be able to Grab your Dreams?

Don’t put it off another day!  You were given those talents and gifts, and that potential for a reason!

You have something special to give to the world.  Honestly, I think it’s your Obligation to
Stop Delaying and Start Living!

My wish for you is for Fulfillment  this year and beyond!

Stop waiting for your life to happen.  Stop Procrastinating. Take control. Grab the reins.

What Dreams are you putting off? Why not Grab them, Now?!

Please stop trying to do it all alone. Make a commitment to yourself to get the support you need to fulfill your own potential.

You can do this!

And I will be right along side you if you need my help.

Lynne Edris

Lynne Edris, ACG
Productivity & ADHD Coach

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  1. What do I do when I no longer have any dreams at all? Every time in my life when I’ve gone after a dream, I’ve failed and so I just gave up on having any dreams at all. My problem seemed to be that I didn’t know what to do to achieve the dream so I stopped having them altogether.

    1. My bet is that they’re still there, Jo, you’ve just squashed them pretty well over the years! Reach back into your younger years and try to remember what you daydreamed about, what/who you pretended to be, and what was fun and curious for you. Then take a PIECE of one of those things, and start to experiment and play with starting to move toward it. Starting small will improve the odds of success and it sounds like you need to experience some of that success to remind you that it’s possible! And don’t be afraid to get the support you need. There are lots of skilled coaches out there who can help you resurrect your dreams and turn them into your reality!

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