Key to better time management

The Fundamental Key to Better Time Management with ADHD

Here’s the Fundamental Key to better Time Management and Productivity with ADHD…

What do You Really Want? 

If you’re like the clients who come to me for help, You Want to…

  • Advance your career or grow your business.
  • Perform at the Level of your Abilities, consistently.
  • Be Reliable, Effective and Efficient at work and at home.
  • Have a to-do list that doesn’t Choke the life out of you!
  • Feel good about what you’ve achieved at the end of the day.
  • Have Energy and Bandwidth left for what matters most!
  • Improve your Follow-Through and Reduce Procrastination.
  • Get Organized and have sustainable systems and tools for better Time Management.
  • You want to be More Productive.

You Want Freedom!

Just about every single client who comes to me looking to Improve Productivity in some form or another. Lots of people wish there were more hours in the day. Lots of people want to get more done, manage their time better and increase their productivity, and I’m guessing you’re one of those people if you’re reading this!

I get where you’re coming from! I really do. I remember wanting those same things so badly that it kept me up nights. But, as someone who’s learned how to be super-productive at work and at home and still have a full and fulfilling personal life, I know both personally and professionally that Wanting Won’t Make It So!

Here’s the cold, hard truth: I can tell you without a doubt that creating and establishing good systems, tools and habits to get more done is really hard work and very little of it is fun, interesting or rewarding in the moment.

I’m sorry if that’s discouraging, but that’s the truth. It’s hard!

And here’s another hard truth: unfortunately, improving productivity solely for the sake of getting more done is rarely something that my clients can sustain.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen! It does.

Honestly, I get to watch my clients Transform their lives From Overwhelmed and Chaotic to Successful and Fulfilling every day!

And here’s The Single, Fundamental Thing they Need to Have to make that transformation:


Being clear on What You Want and Why You Want It, can make the productive, accomplished and fulfilling life you’re looking for much more likely to be yours! Being clear on Why you’re doing the work you need to do to improve your focus, your performance and your productivity can make it so much easier to stay the course until the systems, tools and behaviors you put in place are second nature to you. Until productivity and efficiency are second nature to you!

So, take a few minutes and get clear on why productivity matters to you. Ask yourself…

What do you want? Why is that important to you?

Do you want to feel like a reliable and indispensable part of the team at work? Why does that matter to you?

Do you want to have the energy and the time to be fully present for your partner, your kids, or your friends after work?  Why does that matter to you?

Do you want to have the time and the energy to reconnect with your own passions and creativity—to paint or build or garden or play your instrument or sing (like me)? Why does that matter to you?

Dig deep! And when you think you’ve dug deep enough, keep digging! This is important stuff.

When you’re clear on the real payback of improved focus, when you’re clear on your Bigger Reasons for improving your productivity, consistency comes much more easily.

So, get clear! What do you REALLY Want? Deep down, in your heart of hearts?

More importantly….

WHY do you want it?

That’s the Fundamental Key to Better Time Management with ADHD!

Thanks for reading!

Lynne Edris, ACG
Productivity & ADD Coach 

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