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Mastering Follow Through

No matter why, specifically, new clients come to me for help, the most common complaints I hear boil down to feeling like they’re unable to perform at the level of their abilities consistently.

At the very core of that for most of my clients is…

Inconsistent Follow Through.

When we don’t show up in the way that we intend, the disconnect between who we are, deep down, and how we’re behaving or performing is one of the biggest sources of pain and angst for adults with ADHD. Hands Down!

I can empathize with that angst because I’ve lived it myself, but I also know that it doesn’t have to be that way!

I’ve broken that cycle of underperformance, guilt, shame and stress myself, and I’ve helped countless people just like you do the same.

And the first step is to identify the real, underlying Root Cause of the problem so that we can apply solutions that fit.

There are two general categories of solutions to our struggles with poor follow-through, and only the right type of solution will result in a lasting fix:

  • The External, and
  • The Internal.

And, as I often say…

In order to Effect Lasting Change, the Solution Must Address the Root Problem!

External Solutions are the things outside of your mind that support you when your Executive Functions are the root cause of your struggles to Follow Through. These External Solutions are the systems, tools and strategies that we can lean on to support our difficulties with things like memory, organization and time management.

Of course, I’m talking about things like your calendar, task management system, planning, having supportive routines, rhythms and structures in your life to support you, and so on.

Having these External Solutions or supports set up to work for you, based on your natural strengths and tendencies and your own life, are tremendously important to being able to show up as the person you really are, deep down, and in the way you intend.


If the root cause of your challenges with follow through need Internal Solutions, those external solutions are never going to help you change for the long haul.

That’s why so many of us have shelves full of partially used planners, countless apps that rarely see the light of day, and a trail of disappointment, frustration and dashed hopes behind us from all the systems and strategies we’ve tried that we couldn’t make last!

Here’s the deal:

If what’s getting in your way is what’s going on between your ears (your perspective, thinking and beliefs), that shiny new planner, app or system is never going to help you in any way that really matters!

Just about every single client who comes to me for help has developed some unproductive patterns of behavior that have come from faulty thinking and beliefs.

Things like avoidance, overwhelm and procrastination are all behavioral habits that have developed over time in direct response to unhelpful patterns of thinking.

So, to break the cycle of poor follow-through and shame that come from avoidance, overwhelm and procrastination and keep you from following through, you MUST address the root cause of that cycle: What’s Going On Between Your Ears that’s getting in your way.

Until you change your thinking about yourself, how you work, the things you need and want to do, and even about time, those external solutions like planners and apps and systems are always going to let you down eventually.


In order to be Effective in a lasting way, the Solutions Must Address the Real Root Problem!

The toughest nut to crack is the one between your ears!

But the good news is, no matter what’s getting in your way of following through, you can learn a different way! I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped thousands of people just like you do it, too.

To help you get to the root of what gets in the way of your productivity and follow through, I’ve developed a quick Online Assessment called the “Productivity Breakthrough Quiz” to identify your productivity type and give you personalized suggestions, so that you stop struggling, take control of your time and your life, and show up like the incredible person you really are more easily and more consistently!

Click the following link to take the complimentary quiz and get personalized tips to help you: https://productivitybreakthroughquiz.com/

I hope you find it helpful!

Until soon,
Lynne Edris
Lynne Edris

Solve Overwhelm, Avoidance & Procrastination For Good with Lynne Edris's "Get it Done" 90-day program at www.ProcrastinationProgram.com



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