[Video] ADHD & Punctuality: What is your Struggle with Being On-Time Costing You?

This month, I’m talking about Punctuality.  Struggling with Being On-Time is a really common complaint I hear from many of my clients, and the effects of chronic tardiness can be really far-reaching!

Frequently being late can create lots of stress, of course, but it also damages our personal and professional reputations and our relationships.

What’s getting in the way of you being on time, and what is that struggle costing you?  Getting to the bottom of our struggle with punctuality does  more than reduce stress and repair our reputation–it enables us to reach our potential!

What could your life be if you weren’t always rushing and frantic?

I hope you find something in there that’s helpful and worth the watch.

As always, i welcome your questions and your feedback!

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