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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for joining Time to Thrive!© 2022 and sharing in this
4-week journey. 

I’m honored that there are thousands of members in this program, and counting! Support for this program is provided exclusively in the Time to Thrive!© Facebook Group. Please be patient as my team is stretched managing this free program on top of our ongoing business activities. We appreciate your understanding as we are not be able to personally respond to each email, post, message or comment. 

With that in mind, we have compiled this document to help you get the most out of the program:

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Each week of the program, starting Monday, January 3, 2022, there will be live speaker video sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2:00 PM Eastern (New York) Time. These sessions will be 30-60 minutes long, and broadcast live to both the Time to Thrive!© Facebook Group and YouTube, with free replay recordings available in both locations for one (1) full week from the live session date. While the Time to Thrive!© Facebook Group is the interactive hub of the program where you can connect with Lynne and other members, engage with speakers, and get and give support, you can access the video content via YouTube if you choose not to join the Facebook Group. Simply subscribe to our YouTube channel at to get notifications for the livestreams. Participants who registered their email for the program at will receive links to both options (as well at the private YouTube replay playlist), and can benefit from the program content in whatever way they choose.

If the pace of the program and volume of information is overwhelming, but you’re ready to make changes and you know the resources from this one of a kind program could be vital to changing your life, take the pressure off and enjoy the program at your pace when you OWN ALL the resources from the program (video recordings, audio downloads, handouts, speaker gifts, bonus trainings and more) in the Time to Thrive! © 2022 Rewind with Special Pre-order pricing for a limited time at:

Intellectual Property:

All information, tools, resources, models, guides and any other material, content, and derivative works used in this program are the sole intellectual property of Lynne Edris, Edris Consulting, LLC and are copyrighted and fully protected as such. Sharing, copying, distributing, re-branding, modifying and other unauthorized use of this material is strictly prohibited without explicit advanced written consent of the owner.

Program Emails:

Weekly emails: Beginning January 2, 2022, registered participants will receive an email from us every Sunday morning (Eastern Time) during the 4 week program with the schedule, your weekly Fast Action Guide for Monday’s coaching session with Lynne, the speaker gifts, the link to watch the replays of the previous week’s sessions on YouTube, and all resources for the coming week in the program

Note: If you joined on or after 1/2/22, all the resources, downloads, links, speaker gifts and any information you may have missed are found on the Recap page linked in your registration confirmation “Welcome” email.

    • Please read and keep the Sunday emails for important information and details on the upcoming week’s events! This information will ONLY be available through your members-only emails and is not provided on Facebook or anywhere else.
    • Please download your weekly Fast Action Guide for Monday’s training from the Sunday emails or the Recap Page as well, and find any speaker gifts/offerings and other relevant information for that week. Again, these resources are only available from these emails and the private Recap Page, and will not be provided in the Facebook group or elsewhere, so please be sure to read and keep them.  
    • If you are not receiving these email messages and you know you signed up at, please check your spam/junk/clutter/promotions/trash/etc. by searching for Emails from Lynne Edris at with “ [Time to Thrive!] ” in the subject line, and then follow the Re-subscribe Instructions (below) before you contact us for help. Be sure to “whitelist” our messages in your email client using the following instructions: Click here for Whitelist help.
      •  For Gmail Users:  please be sure to search your Promo, Updates and Forums tabs in addition to your spam  and trash folders for our emails with “Time to Thrive” in the subject line. You can then move them to your main tab for easier access.
    •  If you have followed the Whitelist help instructions, and you are still not receiving the Time to Thrive emails, you may have previously unsubscribed from our list.  Please re-subscribe here in order to receive the emails and information.

Getting Started:

  1. Mark your calendar to join us live in the Facebook group on on YouTube promptly at 2:00 PM Eastern (New York) Time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 30-60 minute sessions. (Visit for time zone conversions). We make every effort to start on time!
  2. Request membership in the Facebook Group here: and be sure to answer the membership questions! (You will not be admitted to the group if you don’t.) 
  3. Check your Facebook notifications for approval and visit the group.  
  4. Turn On All Notifications for the Group.  Need help?
  5. Review the group rules before posting. 
  6. Explore the Facebook Group to familiarize yourself with the format. The group uses the “Guides” feature (formerly called “Units”) to make it easier to navigate the busy page. Guide 1 will have Welcome information, program resources; Guide 2 will have Week 1 posts and Video recordings (for a limited time); Guide 3 will have Week 2 posts and information, etc. 
  7. Introduce yourself to the members of the group in the “Welcome” post pinned under the group announcements and in Guide 1. Please start by completing the Guides in order. Session recordings are organized by week, with a Guide for each week.



  8. Subscribe to our YouTube channel at to get notifications for the program livestreams, and catch the free replays of each session in our private YouTube playlist (through the link in your emails) for one for week. 

Weekly Fast Action Guide:

Fast Action Guide downloads for Monday trainings with Lynne are provided for registered group members only in the Sunday Weekly Schedule emails or through the Recap page linked in your “welcome” email! Again, please save these emails for key member-only resources. This information is not available in the Facebook group or elsewhere. Please download the guide and have it handy for the Monday training.

Live Event Schedule:

Live events are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 2:00 PM Eastern (New York) Time. Event details are in the Sunday Weekly Schedule emails. Convert Time Zones at 

Event Length:

Live Sessions will be 30-60 minutes long.

Attending Live Training and Speaker Sessions:

These sessions will be broadcast via livestream inside the Time to Thrive!© Facebook group and on YouTube. Visit the Time to Thrive!© Facebook group (and make sure you have your notifications for the group set to receive ALL Notifications) to view the live sessions and comment or ask questions on the live video during the event or after it has concluded. You can also watch the videos Live on YouTube, without group interaction, by subscribing to our YouTube channel at to get notifications for the program livestreams. See the Facebook tips below. 

Recordings & Replays:

The replay recording of each session will remain in the Facebook group as a post in the Guides section, and on our private YouTube Replay playlist (the link to which will be in your emails) for free for one (1) full week from the original live air date and time of the session.

Week 1 Sessions Replay Extension: Please note that the free replay period for the sessions from Week 1 of the program (onlyhas been extended for an additional week. The replay recordings for the sessions from Week 1 (only) will be available for two full weeks from each session’s live air date and time. The free replays will be available for the sessions in weeks two through four will for 1 week from the live air date and time of each session.

After the replay period has ended, the recordings will be removed and available only in the Time to Thrive! © 2022 Rewind  (below). 

Time to Thrive!© 2022 Rewind:

You can now access ALL the resources from the 4-week Time to Thrive!© 2022 program within one convenient membership site with the new Time to Thrive!© 2022 Rewind bundle. My team is compiling the replays of all the training and speaker videos, as well as downloadable MP3 audio recordings for all the training and speaker videos, all the Fast Action Guide PDFs, the speaker gifts and other program resources into one convenient Time to Thrive!© 2022 Rewind bundle for you as they become available. Plus, you’ll get access to 5 additional bonus trainings that are not available anywhere else! You’ll be able to enjoy the program without the pressure of replay deadlines, catch up on anything you missed, revisit the resources and relive the magic of the 4-week Time to Thrive!© 2022 program any time you choose! You can learn more about the Time to Thrive! 2022 Rewind here:*Note: Early Pre-order pricing of $97 ends 1/28/22. 

Sharing!  (We love sharing the group, not the content!)

Sharing is great! Please share the group with those who may find it helpful, but do not share the program content! To share, please send people to sign up at  so that they can access all program resources. 

Facebook Group & Privacy:

You can request access to the Time to Thrive! © Facebook group here. While the group is searchable on Facebook, this is a private group, meaning that only members who are approved by Lynne or staff can see identities of members or what is posted. Please see for privacy policies.

Facebook Tips:

Start with the Guides, in order. You can access the Guides from the main menu of the group. 

Tips: Here are some links I found that may help if you are less familiar with Facebook:

Click  below the cover photo and select Manage notifications 

From here, you can select:  All Posts  – You’ll get notifications any time members post in the group. 

Note: When you join a group, its notification setting will be set to Highlights by default.

    • Click “Get Reminder” on the post for each scheduled live session.
    • Tips for accessing the Livestreams: If you don’t see the live video in the Facebook at the start time, you may simply need to refresh your browser window a few times. We do our best to start on time, but I will always intentionally “chatter” a bit for the first few minutes to give everyone a chance to find the live, so don’t panic! And if you miss a couple minutes, you can always catch them in the replay, which will be posted in the corresponding Guide for that week for one full week from the live event. And you can take the pressure off and enjoy the program without overwhelm when you permanently own access to all the program resources including the session replays (both audio downloads and video), the handouts, speaker gifts, and more (including bonus videos) in the Time to Thrive! 2022 Rewind here:

Visit support at or google for other helpful tips (like how to control notifications, etc.)


Support from the community is an essential part of this program! We strongly encourage you to support each other, but please be thoughtful, and read and review the group rules before commenting, replying or posting. Do not provide help/suggestions/answers/coaching to others unless someone is clearly asking you for input, directly. Most members have come to the group to learn from Lynne and the other expert speakers, and there have been complaints in the past about a few members who are coaching/teaching within the group through comments, replies, private messages, etc. Our tribe has wonderfully big, BIG hearts, so we’re asking members to make sure we’re providing each other with a safe place to share with the understanding, camaraderie and support we all need, rather than providing solutions. Promotion of any kind, including outside links, is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate removal from the group. Please read the group rules and see below.


Promotion of any kind will not be permitted in this group, including unapproved links, commenting/replying/messaging other members to offer support/services of any kind (paid or free), posts that introduce other business offerings/services, offers of free or paid services, etc. If you’re not sure if you should post something, please ask first. 

I hope this is helpful! I can’t wait to see what these 4 weeks together brings for each of you! 


This is Your Time. This is Our Time. It’s…

Time to Learn

Time to Connect

Time to Grow

Time to Create

Time to Focus

Time to Achieve 

Time to Get Stuff Done

Time to Recharge

It’s Time to Thrive!©

See you inside!

Lynne Edris

Lynne Edris, ACG
Productivity & ADHD Coach