The Pillars of Productivity©

How to Take Control of Your Time & Your Life


You are an Interpreter!

Your Strengths

Your Likely Areas for Improvement

Your behavior is often not reflective of your intentions or your capabilities.

Your thinking and perception of yourself and the things you want and/or need to do presents a roadblock to your follow through.

You have developed behavioral habits (such as avoidance or procrastination) created by patterns of thinking that are getting in the way of your performance, causing lack of impeding your success.

Suggested Areas of Focus

Improving awareness of the specific, persistent thinking patterns that are leading to your struggles with follow through.

Learning practical actions to replace those patterns with more a constructive perspective that will make it easier for you to follow through on your intentions more quickly and consistently

Improving your life “balance” by establishing the systems, tools and behaviors that will complement your thinking changes and support you in making the effective and efficient use of your time, energy and focus so that you have more for what matters most.


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