The Pillars of Productivity©

How to Take Control of Your Time & Your Life


You are an Conductor!

Your Strengths

Your Likely Areas for Improvement

The systems, tools and behaviors you are currently using are not working together cohesively to support you in following through on your intentions.

You’re working harder and longer than you want to get the results you’re getting.

Your life is out of balance, and you crave more free time and energy for the important things in your life.

Suggested Areas of Focus

Reevaluating the systems, tools and behaviors you’re using to determine where you’re using your strengths and natural tendencies to support you, so that you can make corresponding adjustments to other areas.

Customizing your systems, tools and strategies to fit you and how you process, organize and do things most naturally so that they better support you in performing at the level of your abilities easily consistently.

Creating more fulfilment in your life balance by leaning on tools and systems that allow you to use your time, energy and focus most efficiently so that you have more peace of mind and freedom for the relationships, activities and pursuits that bring you joy.


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