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The 90-Day Group Productivity Program to help you Unleash Your Potential and Achieve More in Less Time!

You know you’re smart enough. You know you’re capable. 

You’ve read the books and listened to the gurus.  You’ve bought the gadgets and gizmos and apps.  You have shelves full of planners.

The Next Live Group Program Begins September 19, 2022

But You Still Can't Seem
To Take Control Of Your Time and Get It All Done!

You’re overworking, but your career (and the rest of your life) isn’t advancing to the level of your ability. You work hard. You sacrifice. You put in lots of hours and energy, but you always feel behind in the endless race to keep up with your to-dos. And the things that are important to you get pushed to the side over and over again.

Your relationships are suffering because you can’t let go of the not-done To-Dos and be fully present with the people you care most about.

Your bank account is suffering because you are not progressing in your career/business in the way you know you’re capable.

You are suffering because you’re working hard, but not getting anywhere. Worst of all, you’re losing faith in yourself. You’re starting to doubt if you’ll ever “Get it Together!”

The bottom line is… 

You Don't Have Freedom!

It's Not Your Fault!

There's a Better Way!

The problem is that you’ve been trying to plug yourself into someone else’s way of doing things. Those cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work. They just don’t stick!  

The path to success is not in another planner. The solution is not in another app, or even another system. Because They’re Not Made For YOU! They’re made for someone with different strengths, different tendencies and different ways of processing.

You need to Custom-Fit Your Systems, tools and strategies to You: how you process, organize and do things most naturally! 

Because… what comes naturally is what’s easiest to maintain with consistency and minimal effort. And that’s how you get the right things done, and free up time and energy for the rest of your life!

Stop Wasting Your Potential
by Trying to Fit Yourself into Someone else's Box!

You need Custom-Fit Solutions that work for You and Your Beautiful, Busy Brain!


I’ve created a program to help free you from the bondage of time so that you can finally perform at your potential consistently, and have more time, more energy and more focus for what matters most to you.

You will learn to Free Up Hours in Your Days While Being More Productive Than Ever Before. 

Introducing. . . 


a 90-Day Small Group Time-Management and Productivity Mentoring Program


The Next Live Group Starts September 19  2022!

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Exclusive Bonus Trainings. $150 Value: All members of the September 2022 group of Unleashed!© will get complimentary access to my archived Take Control of Your Time Task Batching Webinar Training AND The Overwhelm Solution Webinar as Thanks for Joining the Group.


Hi, I'm Lynne

Lynne Edris Headshot

I get it! I really do. As a woman with ADD, I’ve been there myself and I’ve come out the other side. I’ve lived in a constant state of chaos, overwhelm and underperformance, and I’ve come through to create a life with more success, fulfillment and freedom than I once dreamed possible. It’s my passion to help others, and I know you can share the same success!

As a Productivity & ADHD Coach for over 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you break the chains of procrastination and overwhelm and finally perform at the level of their abilities, consistently! 

In my private practice, I help my clients update their internal operating systems, their thinking and perspective, as well as the practical tools and strategies they use so that they can fully maximize their abilities. 

I help them upgrade their thinking, their tools and their lives!

But I can’t help everyone, and I have a waiting list for private clients wanting to work with me. 

That’s why I’ve created the Unleashed! Group Coaching Program

Here's what you'll get from the Unleashed!™ 90-Day Group Program

9 Modules

You'll receive 9 Modules with proven “best practices” that we will customize to work for you to have effective, sustainable systems and strategies to better manage your time, to-dos, projects and bigger-picture goals so that you can make the consistent progress you’re capable of making, and have the freedom for what’s most important to you!

We'll be focused on setting up what I call your Pillars of Productivity©: Your calendar, task-management, planning and routines and customizing them so that they work for you, in your life, more easily.

Live Workshops

We'll have 9 live, workshop calls which you’ll join via the safety and convenience of online video conferencing. (No special tools required! Everything is cloud-based and user friendly). In each session, you’ll get expert guidance and mentorship from Me, one of the world’s top ADHD Productivity coaches, to help you customize what you're learning so that it works for you in your real, everyday life!

These small group sessions are the perfect setting for the kind of support, collaboration, and accountability that’s invaluable during times of tremendous growth and transformation.

Customized Templates

You’ll get all of my simple, ADD-friendly templates for planning, managing your priorities, setting up your to-do systems, and much more. These templates are exclusive to Unleashed!©, and not available anywhere else.

I'll show you how to customize these templates and tools to make them work best for you, personally. Working with your natural strengths and tendencies is essential to in creating tools, systems, and strategies that you can sustain for the long haul. (Not just another system created for someone else that you'll discard a few months down the road!)

Comprehensive Strategies

You’ll get the SAME comprehensive, customizable strategies and foundational systems I use with my private 1-on-1 clients.

These strategies cover the full spectrum of your life, so you can take control of everything on your radar and in your head, not just the urgent, the obvious, or the work related.

You can finally make time for the forgotten and aspirational goals you’ve neglected!

Powerful Peer Community

Have you ever told a friend or family member about a change you were trying to make, only to have them make you feel inadequate or judged, even if they had good intentions?

In the Unleashed!™ Program, you’ll be in a group that understands your unique challenges, shares your struggles, and roots for your success. Brain research has proven that the right kinds of social engagement can dramatically help us make real and powerful changes.

Results-Focused Accountability

Change does not come from knowledge alone! If it did, we’d all be wildly successful just from reading ADDitude magazine or any of the self-help books lining our shelves.
In this program we’ll use the 3 As to go beyond information to transformation: Action, Application, and Accountability.

With the right support, you’ll move ideas and goals into the realm of reality and the present moment, where you need them most.

Private Facebook Space

Connect with your group in the exclusive Unleashed!™ Facebook community, which is only visible to paid program members. This group will not show up on your Facebook profile, and none of your posts will appear to anyone outside of this private space. You’re safe to share and make powerful changes alongside the people who understand you.


In addition to the hands-on, real-time support that comes with every live workshop call, you’ll be able to download recordings and review them at your own pace, as often as you need.

If life gets in the way, there’s no need to stress about missing a session. Just check out the replay, and lean into your peer group to keep the momentum going

Revisit a-ha moments whenever you want to reinforce new habits, or prepare for the next level in your productivity journey.

Membership Learning Portal

Use a convenient, private site to access all the program materials and resources whenever, wherever, and however you like.

You can listen to or read the lessons and work through the exercises as many times as you want. Download whatever you want to keep. It’s all yours!

The Next Unleashed!™ 90-Day Group Starts September 19,2022

** Seats Are VERY Limited in this small Group**

Registration Closes when program reaches capacity.  No Exceptions.

Exclusive Bonus Trainings $150 Value: All members of the Fall 2022 Unleashed!© group will get complimentary access to my archived Take Control of Your Time Task Batching Webinar Training AND The Overwhelm Solution Webinar as Thanks for Joining the Group.

Client Success Stories

Melissa left her resentment behind and became successful and joyful mom, partner and business owner after years of struggling with anxiety and resentment!

“Melissa” was a stay-at-home mom who had started a business when her kids got older. Melissa came to me because she was completely overwhelmed at work and at home, putting in crazy hours just to keep her business afloat and working like a dog trying to keep up at home, unsuccessfully. She was exhausted and overwhelmed and feeling trapped in a cycle of overwhelm, procrastination, guilt and stress. (Sound familiar?) She was getting so burned out by trying to keep everything going that she was anxious and irritable and, frankly, resentful. I helped Melissa update her internal operating system and put strategies in place so that she was able to cut back her hours in her store, get done what she needs to do at home, spend more quality time with her husband and kids, and start enjoying her own hobbies again!

Mom and Small Business Owner, Mom, Partner
Bill went from being overwhelmed and burned out to being an engaged executive, father and partner!

And then there’s “Bill” who came to me completely overwhelmed with a demanding job and family at home. Bill had a challenging job during the day, and a little one and partner at home who he felt were getting the worst of him by the time he got home in the evening. He was stressed out and sleep-deprived and feeling guilty all the time. We were able to update his internal operating system and get to the bottom of his overwhelm so he could stop procrastinating and tackle what he needed to at work and come home early enough to be with his family, and to really be present and engaged when he’s with them--and he was able to do it with enough energy to stay on top of his responsibilities at home, and make time to nurture his relationship with his partner, too. He was able to start to work out consistently again, and even take up a new hobby—or actually, revive an old hobby he’d let go.

Finance Executive and Father
Terry went from being an under-performing employee to being promoted to the Senior-level position she'd hoped for in just a few months!

Another cllient, I'll call “Terry” learned how to take control of her days so that she could keep up with the demands of her job without getting overwhelmed and procrastinating on what she knew she needed to do. She was able to keep her inbox or whatever popped up on her radar from stealing her focus each day, and she finally got the promotion she deserved! She is getting back into shape, and STILL has time and energy for her family, friends and volunteer work in her community.

Analyst, Wife and Mother

Why The Unleashed!™ Program

The world is moving SO fast. If you’re going to keep up, you need systems and support ASAP. 

I’ve been working with adults who have ADHD/ADD for over 15 years, and I know how to help you gain momentum right out of the gate. With an established expert as your mentor,  you’ll be able to troubleshoot and improve faster than you ever imagined!


• Consistent Accountability in Action!
Sure, you could spend the next year or so reading books and articles full of life hacks and productivity tips, but change doesn’t come from knowledge alone. It comes from applying knowledge.

It comes from taking the right actions, consistently.

You already know how hard it is to be consistent without effective support and accountability. The right kind of support and true accountability go a long way in making your plans a reality!


• Power of Community
You can count on powerful momentum when changing alongside individuals who understand your challenges, share your struggles and are rooting for you!

When you hit a rough patch (and let’s be honest. The whole world is in a bit of a rough patch right now.) this kind of support can make a world of difference in your progress!


If you’ve never known the feeling of freedom and acceptance that comes from being able to openly share your challenges and successes with people who get you (instead of judging or underestimating you), it’s really an empowering experience!

Imagine a place where you can announce “I planned 5 days in a row! GO ME!”, and have everyone else congratulate you! Not just to be polite, but because they’re genuinely thrilled for you. They understand your excitement, and they’re rooting for you (instead of looking at you with confusion… or, worse, pity).

This kind of camaraderie is life-changing!

Back when I completed my ADHD Coach training, one of the best parts of the whole experience was learning alongside dozens of people who shared my brain wiring and got my challenges.

Some of my classmates are still a huge part of my support system today—over 15 years later.

One of the biggest reasons I’ve created this program is to give others a chance to experience the same kind of bonding, support and connected community that I did. I hope you join us!


Ready to Work With Me?

If you decide to join the new cohort of my Unleashed!© Program, you’ll get a membership confirmation within a few minutes of enrolling and then, closer to the program start date, you will receive your Official Unleashed!™ Program Welcome email. Think of that email as the itinerary for your self-transformation. It will include important details about your program membership: 

  • Schedule:  Dates and times for each group-coaching session
  • Membership Materials: Information and instructions for accessing all course materials via the membership portal you’ll use for the next 90 days
  • The Unleashed!© Preparation and Kickoff Module ready for you in the membership portal will help you hit the ground running for our first group call
  • Private Group: Instructions for joining your program peers in the private Facebook group
    Note: This group is completely private. It will not show up on your profile, appear in any feeds, or be visible to anyone who isn’t a member. Life transformations require safety, and this is absolutely a safe space.
  • Pro Tips: The Welcome Email also includes tips for setting yourself up to succeed in the program and prepare for the life-changing transformations to come…so you can experience changes like any number of my clients
Lynne Edris Getting the Right Things Done
Unleashed 90 Day Group Productivity Program Logo

Begins September 19, 2022


Lynne Edris smiling
“This is the first time that I can remember in a long time, feeling like I’m not just spinning around and scared of that one thing I’m going to forget. It’s been amazing for that!” … “I’m a big fan!”
- Mellisa F
Lynne Edris typing on laptop with calendar and coffee mug
“[The tools from the program] have been really, really helpful to settle my mind in a proactive way rather than a reactive way.”
– Jaon C
"I am so glad I made the investment in myself. I use (these) tips and strategies every day. Get out of your head, and take care of you!"
- Leanne V
Mortgage Executive
Lynne Edris in kitchen with laptop, calendar, coffee
“I knew I needed more to make lasting changes—Unleashed! is helping with that. Your advice has … improved my life more ways than you can imagine. Thanks for all of your help”.
- KK
Lynne writing on whiteboard
black coffee
Lynne is absolutely AMAZING!! She has helped me tremendously with my struggles/challenges living with ADHD! Her down-to-earth manner makes her so easy to communicate with and her experiences and expertise in the field as an ADD coach are priceless!!
- Sharon T
Healthcare Practitioner
Lynne writing in notebook

Taking the class is helping me better manage my tasks and live life.
– Lisa

These are all real people with ADD, just like you, and they're also success stories!
Are you ready to be a success story, too?

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Don’t Procrastinate On This!

Exclusive Bonus Trainings, a $150 Value. All members of the September 2022 group of Unleashed!© will get complimentary access to my archived Take Control of Your Time Task Batching Webinar Training AND The Overwhelm Solution Webinar as Thanks for Joining the Group.

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By Purchasing the Unleashed!© 90-Day Group Program you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Coaching Agreement


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