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Welcome to the "Unleashed" 90-Day Program!

Stop Struggling with Overwhelm and Unmet Potential!

Discover How to Master Your Productivity with Lynne Edris' "Unleashed" 90-Day Program

  • Thanks so much Lynne! You have helped me tremendously already and given me hope -which is priceless!”

"You have been a lifeline for me. You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself."-KC

"I am so glad I made the investment in myself and also got to know Lynne in the process. I use tips and strategies every day that she helped me develop. I would recommend time with Lynne any day. Get out of your head, make the call and take care of you!" - Leanne

The Next Co-Hort of Unleashed Begins

September 19th!

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Due to the Interactive Nature of this Program, only Very Limited Number of People will be Admitted.  

Free Up Hours in Your Days While Being More Productive Than Ever Before

If you are a busy professional, parent or student who is overwhelmed by all that you have to do, I've designed this program to help free you from the bondage of time!

You Will Learn...

• How to take control of your Calendar Effectively using my proven Calendar-Management System which helps clients free up 10 hours or more every week.

• My simple system for a daily To-Do List that never feels overwhelming and actually gets done, consistently.

• How to Ensure your Big Projects and the "Right Things" get Done, not just how to get More Things Done more quickly.

• My 3 Simple Strategies to Keep Email and those in-the-moment crises from Ruling Your Days by having Focus of Clarity and Action every day.

• How to Automate almost Everything to Liberate Yourself from those Repetitive, Boring, Soul-Sucking tasks.

• How to Customize your Tools and Systems For You and Your Life, so that they are Easy enough to Maintain that You Don't Need Discipline to Be Consistent.

• How to Master Practical Productivity so that you can Free up Your Time, Energy and Focus to create Margin in your life for the Things That Matter Most!

The Program Includes...

• 90-Days of Active Hands-on Implementation of the Practical, Sustainable Productivity Tools and Systems that will Help You Unleash Your Potential.

• 3-Live Workshop-style Calls each Month in a Small Group Setting with the Mentorship and Collaboration You Need to Create the Life You Want.

Hands-on Guidance in Setting Up and Implementing the 5 Pillars of Practical Productivity in Ways that work For You.

• The 3 A's of Behavior Change to Help You Go From Learning to Doing: Action, Application and Accountability.

• My 7 Action Guides for Taking Control of Your Time to Conserve Your Focus and Energy for The Important Stuff in Your Life.

• My simple template for setting up your To-Do System that Eliminates Procrastination and Gets Them To Completion.

• A Private Facebook Group exclusive to the Unleashed! program member community for added Camaraderie, Support and Accountability.

• Additional Productivity Tools and Resources in the Private Membership Platform.

The Next Co-Hort of Unleashed Begins

September 19th!

Join the Waitlist to Learn More

Due to the Interactive Nature of this Program, only Very Limited Number of People will be Admitted.  

What's Different About This Program?

The Incredible Power of a Community of individuals that understand your challenges, share your struggles and are rooting for your success can make a world of difference in your progress!

Speed of Positive Change! After working with my clients for over 12 years, I know how you can quickly make positive improvements with an established expert guiding you and troubleshooting with you personally—mentoring you and partnering with you along the way.

Focused, Consistent & Accountable Action!  Change does not come from knowledge alone. Change comes from taking the right actions, consistently. And the right support and accountability along the way can make change a reality.


If you’ve never known the feeling of freedom and acceptance that comes from being able to openly share your challenges and your successes with people who get you (instead of hiding like the Wizard of Oz behind a curtain), it really is something to experience!

You probably don’t have another environment where you could share your excitement for something like, “I planned 5 days in a row!”, and have people genuinely be thrilled for you and rooting for you (instead of looking at you like you’ve lost your mind). That kind of camaraderie and sense of community can be truly life-changing!  

Going through training with 20 people who shared my brain wiring and got my challenges was one of the best parts of my ADHD Coach training. Some of my classmates are still a huge part of my support system today—some 12 or 13 years later. This is why I've created this program! I hope you join us!

The Next Co-Hort of Unleashed Begins

September 19th!

Join the Waitlist to Learn More

Due to the Interactive Nature of this Program, only Very Limited Number of People will be Admitted.  

I’m Lynne Edris, Productivity & ADHD Coach. For more than a decade, I’ve been helping adults who struggle with disorganization, procrastination, poor time management and weak follow-through to get beyond situations they thought were impossible, and help them not only survive, but Thrive!

I help smart, capable people whose lives/careers are not advancing at the level of their abilities because they can’t focus, stay organized, get things done and follow-through consistently. I help them create real life, sustainable ways to keep their to-do lists under control, accomplish what they intend every day, perform at the level of their abilities and have more time, energy, and more money for what they want most in life!

I Can do the same for You!!


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