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  Is your poor Follow Through keeping you from Reaching Your Potential and being Who you were Meant to Be? Tired businesswoman with headache
Do you feel like sometimes you need the pressure and stress caused by procrastination to get you motivated to do what you need to do?
Do you live in a cycle of overwhelm and procrastination, leading to intense last-minute rushing and stress, followed by a period of burned-out exhaustion?
Are you tired of the stress Procrastination is creating in your life?
Do you feel shame from your lack of self-motivation and follow-through?
Are you ready to take control of your life and get done what you intend to get done, WHEN you intend to do it?

If you answered “Yes!” to these questions, then
the Push Past Procrastination© Program may be
just what you need!





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End the Guilt!
End the Shame!
End the Stress!

 End the torture, and get the tools you need to
Push Past Procrastination©, Forever!


Woman procrastinating with a stack of paperwork

Why do we struggle to follow through?  Why do we procrastinate?

We usually start off with the best of intentions.

We don’t want to disappoint ourselves or others but, so often,
we don’t do what we intend to do, when we intend to do it.

We know What we Need to Do.  We even know HOW to do it!

We’re Smart Enough.

 We’re Capable!

Why can’t we Do What we Intend to Do,
we Intend to Do it Consistently?

You are Not Lazy!
You Don’t Lack Willpower!
You Don’t Need More Self-Discipline!
You Don’t Need more Tips, Tricks, Gadgets or Gizmos!

Woman, sitting at desk.
You Need a New Approach!

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Struggle with follow through and procrastination is probably the
#1 complaint of clients who come to my coaching practice.

My name is Lynne Edris. For more than a decade, I have helped 1000s of individuals just like you learn to Break the Cycle of Procrastination and Shame, by helping them understand why they sometimes struggle to do what they intend to do, what is getting in the way of what they want, and by giving them simple, practical solutions that they put to use in their own lives, over and over again!

We need more than just Pulling up our proverbial “Big Girl Panties” and a reminder to “Just Do It”! (Don’t you hate when people tell you that? Like if it were that easy, you wouldn’t have already done it by now?!)

That’s why I created this program!

I want you to

Push Past Procrastination©!

Reclaim your Time.
Reclaim your Energy.
Reclaim your Life!

Your Procrastination Struggle is VERY Real!

And you are NOT ALONE!

But the Cost of your Procrastination may be Far Greater than you Realize!


What is your Procrastination Costing You?

When we fail to follow through on our intentions,
we lose credibility—with others, and also with ourselves.

We stop trusting ourselves, and we lose faith in our abilities.
When we fail to follow through, we set ourselves up to
fall short of reaching our own potential.

After all . . .

How can you Reach Your Potential if, deep down,
You Don’t Really Believe that You Can?


Introducing the Push Past Procrastination Program©!

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I’ve created the 6-Week Push Past Procrastination© Program to help you get a handle on your struggle with procrastination, once and for all!

Why is this a New Approach?

Years of working with several hundred adults who struggle with procrastination has taught me one really important thing: Procrastination is a very real and debilitating, and a very complex problem. In order to get a handle on it once and for all, my clients need to attack it from many different angles, all at once, and they need to attack it at their own pace!

The Push Past Procrastination Program© is designed to give you everything you need to Attack Procrastination from Every Angle!

This program gives you all the different attack angles you can’t get in other approaches:


You’ll get a better understanding of your brain and why you struggle with certain kinds of things, like Procrastination! I always say, “Self-knowledge is the most powerful kind of knowledge!” You’ll learn also learn tools you can use for the rest of your life, whenever that sneaky procrastination rears its head!

The Coaching Approach...

You’ll get more than “tips and tricks”, in this program (although I have plenty of those as to share)! You’ll learn how to make changes that last, so that you stop fighting the same fight, day after day, year after year. The Coaching perspective I’ve given this program will give you . . .

A Deeper Approach...

Once you get past the “information”, and you understand why you struggle, you’ll use coaching techniques to dig at some of the deeper reasons you tend to struggle, and why something will work or a while, and then fall apart. (I’m sure you’ve wondered about that in the past! And the answer has nothing to do with your willpower or not trying hard enough!) You’ll learn about your own Biggest Obstacle, and how to move right past it!

Focus on Strengths...

We all know that one-size-fits-all approaches just don’t work! Learn how to customize the tools and approaches you’ll learn, so that you are starting to rely on your strengths to overcome your challenges! You can also honor your own processing style: Verbal/auditory processors can focus on the audio downloads; visual processors can read the PDF downloads; and tactile processors will benefit from the interactive Fieldwork for each module. All the components are meant to work together to give you lasting results

Don’t just Learn, DO!...

Each Coaching Module will have an interactive Fieldwork component to move you past learning, to doing!


Share you struggles and your accomplishments with others who get you! You’ll have access to the exclusive, private group of program members, the Push Past Procrastination© Private Facebook Group, where you can ask questions, share your successes, and vent about your struggles in a confidential group with people who understand. This is “Your Tribe” and they’ll be right there alongside you! Of course, I’ll be there, too!


You can use the private program group as a source of accountability in whatever way or to whatever degree you need it! The Fieldwork for each program module will keep you moving forward, and keep you working toward deeper, more lasting change between modules.


You can personalize this program to fit your needs and how you process information! You set the pace! Use what helps you, and moves you forward, and don’t worry about the rest! Move through the material however it works for you. You can spend more time where you need to focus your efforts.

How the Program Works:

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How the Push Past Procrastination© Program Works:
You’ll get a total of 7 Coaching Modules, including…



Six (6), Weekly Coaching Modules as well as a Bonus Introductory Module to get you started off on the right foot! Each Module will provide progressively deeper and more advanced content to help you get to the bottom of your struggles with Procrastination, once and for all!

Each week, you will receive…



An email with a link to that week’s Push Past Procrastination© Coaching Module, in audio (MP3) format, as well as a written transcript in (PDF format). You can download the audios and the PDF transcripts—they are yours to keep! Listen to or read them at your own pace, over and over if you’d like, as a refresher or to keep you moving long after the Six (6) weeks are over.

Each Coaching Module will have a Fieldwork component



With questions for you to answer and work for you to do, to deepen your understanding and your progress. You have the option to do this work privately, on your own, or within the Push Past Procrastination© Private Facebook Group for added support and accountability!

You can join the exclusive Push Past Procrastination© Private Facebook Group!



With members just like you who are working hard to learn to overcome their own struggles with procrastination! This secret community, visible only to and available only to other members of the Push Past Procrastination© program, is where you can find support from others who understand your challenges. Connect with the group to share your successes, ask questions, and interact with me and other members! This is “Your Tribe” and they’ll be right there alongside you! Of course, I’ll be there, too!

Components Included:
Bonus Introductory Module Audio (MP3) & Transcript (PDF) Downloads
Six (6) weekly Push Past Procrastination© Coaching Modules, each with Audio (MP3) & Transcript (PDF) Downloads
Interactive Coaching Module Fieldwork and Companion Worksheets (PDF)
Access to Members-Only Push Past Procrastination© Private Facebook Group
Group Support & Accountability from your Push Past Procrastination© Program Tribe!
Interaction in the Push Past Procrastination© Private Facebook Group with Coach Lynne Edris
Exclusive Discounts on other Products, Programs, and Coaching with Lynne Edris
One-Time Program Fee: $299 (USD)

All of this to help You 

Push Past Procrastination©, Forever!

Let’s Push Past Procrastination© together!

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Push Past Procrastination© Program Requirements:

  • You must be over the age of 18.
  • Email and Internet access are required. (But if you’re reading this, I think you’ve got that covered!)
  • You must be ready to work the program!



Push Past Procrastination©
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How much does the Push Past Procrastination© Program Cost?

The price for the Push Past Procrastination© 6-week program, including all the content and access to the Push Past Procrastination© Private Group, is a one-time fee of $299 (US). An Easy Pay, two-payment option is also available on the checkout page.

Q:  How long is each Push Past Procrastination© Coaching Module?

Length of the modules will vary between about 45 minutes and an hour. Sometimes I have a little more to share, sometimes less! I try to keep them informative, but interesting and entertaining. (Remember, I have ADD, too!) You can save the MP3 audio files on your computer or another mobile device to listen at your leisure, and on-the-go.

Q:  When does the Push Past Procrastination© Program start?

You will receive the Bonus Introductory module and an email with a link to request an invitation to join the Push Past Procrastination© Private Facebook© group when you register. If you register before the start of a live group, the link to Coaching Module 1 will be delivered to you and the rest of your group on the group’s start date. If you join after the group’s start date, the link to Coaching Module 1 will be delivered to you two days after your register. The remainder the modules will be delivered weekly after Module 1.  

Q: Am I too late? Can I still join??

You can join any time! We’d love to have you join our tribe! The more the merrier. This is a go-at-your-own-pace program, and you will be able to jump in at any time. When you register after a group start date, you’ll receive your Bonus Introductory Module content immediately, your first Coaching Module two days later, and the remaining 6 weekly modules will follow. Your tribe is here and waiting!

Q:  What is the Push Past Procrastination© Private Facebook Group©?

The Push Past Procrastination© Private Facebook group is a super secret group that only program participants can see or access. Members of the Group can interact in the secret group, post their Fieldwork responses, and share successes, ask questions, share challenges, request accountability, or just rant!  Only members of this Secret Group can see that the group exists, see who is a member, or see what is posted there. Only Push Past Procrastination© Program members can see that the group exists, the names of members, and only Push Past Procrastination© Program members can join the group, and only by invitation from an Administrator! 

Q:  What’s your Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds for this program. Because the content is delivered as digital downloads, it cannot be returned or refunded. My goal with this program is to provide the kind of top-notch information you’d have access to if you were a private coaching client, at a very affordable price. And, frankly, I wouldn’t know how to handle such a request. In more than a decade of coaching 1000s of individuals, I’ve never had anyone ask for a refund. That’s a good thing!

Q:  Do you offer discounts?

As a member of the Push Past Procrastination© Program, you may receive periodic coupons good toward discounts on other products, programs, and Coaching Services. You can also receive commissions on the sales of any products or programs you refer through the Coaching ADDvantages Affiliate program. (You can sign up here: Affiliate Program Registration)

Do you have more questions?

Click here to Contact Lynne if you have additional questions you’d like to have answered!










Push Past Procrastination©!

Reclaim your Time.
Reclaim your Energy.
Reclaim your Life!





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