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Regardless of your preference, we have you covered! All products/programs have a combination of audio content for verbal processing, written content for visual processing, and interactive Fieldwork questions for tactile processing. Working with your unique strengths and preferences is the key to mastering your challenges!

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Unleashed! 90-Day Program

Free Up Hours in Your Days While Being More Productive Than Ever Before.  If you are a busy professional, parent or student who is overwhelmed by all that you have to do, I've designed this program to help free you from the bondage of time!

What's Different About This Program?

• The Incredible Power of a Community of individuals that understand your challenges, share your struggles and are rooting for your success can make a world of difference in your progress!

• Speed of Positive Change! After working with my clients for over 12 years, I know how you can quickly make positive improvements with an established expert guiding you and troubleshooting with you personally—mentoring you and partnering with you along the way.

• Focused, Consistent & Accountable Action!  Change does not come from knowledge alone. Change comes from taking the right actions, consistently. And the right support and accountability along the way can make change a reality.

The Push Past Procrastination© Program

Push Past Procrastination!

This unique 6-week program incorporates proven coaching techniques in a combined self-study/interactive group program. Get the support you want, and the tools you need to end the cycle of Procrastination, Stress, and Shame! Register now and receive the Bonus Introductory Module immediately with everything you need to set yourself up for success!  

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You Can Be On-Time!
Yes, you really CAN Learn to Be Punctual

People draw conclusions about us—about our character and our intentions when we are late.  No matter how good our intentions, and how much we strive to be punctual, when we are late (especially chronically late), people really do perceive us as “flaky”, inconsiderate or disrespectful, and unreliable as well.  There can be also an incredible amount of stress around our struggles with punctuality—and it can affect us at home, at work, and in every aspect of our lives--When we’re constantly on “high-alert” trying and struggling to be on time for our commitments.

In this Session, you'll learn why those of us with ADHD tend to struggle with punctuality, and I'll give you some tools to improve your ability to be on-time, and reduce the stress in your life that comes from constantly racing the clock!

Paper Management Made Easy
Winning the War on Paper, For Good!

Winning the War on PaperDroves of paper flood our homes and offices every day: memos and mail, bills and magazines, notices and schedules.  Sometimes it feels like a never-ending battle.  Our war on paper costs us time and money every day.  But more than that, it costs us peace of mind and it costs us control.  Learning to manage the never-ending stream of paper that flows into and out of our lives enables us to regain that control.  It gives us a greater sense of peace, and calm.  And that is truly priceless!

In this Session,  you'll learn why so many of us who have ADD struggle with the paper in our lives, and I'll give you some tools to help you start to implement your own systems for dealing with paper--systems that work for you, with your own natural strengths, tendencies, and how you process information.

How to Get More Done
(Even with ADD!)
Timers and Schedules and Lists, Oh My!

Often, it is the most simple and run-of-the-mill tasks that are a struggle for those of us with ADHD: paperwork, filing, reports, balancing the checkbook, de-cluttering, laundry, returning phone calls, housework, tax preparation, etc.  Part of the reason we beat ourselves up mercilessly about our struggles with these mundane things is that we know we’re ABLE to do these things, but we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to get them done.  

In this Session, I’ll explore why those of us with ADHD struggle to get done what we need to get done, and the most common obstacles we encounter to doing them. Finally, I’ll give you some practical solutions to help you overcome those obstacles, so that you can stop struggling to do what you need and want to do, and just Get More Done!


The Follow-Through Formula©

A Workshop in a Box

The Follow Through Formula | Workshop In a BoxWhen we fail to follow through on our intentions, we lose credibility--with ourselves, as well as with others.  We stop trusting ourselves, and we lose faith in our abilities. When we fail to follow through, we fail to reach our potential. After all ...

It's impossible to reach your potential if you don't trust, deep down, that you truly can!

I created The Follow-Through Formula© Workshop in a Box to help you break the cycle of procrastination and shame once and for all!  With this workshop, you will learn why you sometimes struggle to do what you intend to do, and you will learn how to apply simple, practical solutions so that you can make Changes that Last!

Simple Steps to Happier Holidays:
Don't just Survive the Holidays, Enjoy Them!

(Limited Time Offer)

Thumb-HappierHolidays-setThe Holiday Season can be extremely stressful for many affected by ADHD. The added demands on our overtaxed calendars and to-do lists, along with the avalanche of details to manage can turn anyone a bit Hum Bug!

In this Session, you’ll learn practical tools to make this year (and every year thereafter) different! You’ll get an MP3 Audio session and PDF transcript including interactive questions to keep you going, as well as your own "Holiday Command & Control Center Template" which you can personalize to guide you to more peaceful, stress-free Holidays, year after year!

Do more than survive the Holidays: Enjoy Them!


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