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Private Coaching Packages:

  • Coaching is a commitment and an investment in You!
    Private Coaching Services are provided in monthly packages, with a minimum 6-month commitment required. It takes time to change the ways you’ve been doing things your entire life! We all know that so-called “quick-fix” and “magic bullet” solutions to your problems don’t stick. Isn’t it time you make the commitment to yourself to make changes that last this time?
  • One-on-One Coaching Services are provided over the phone to clients from all over the world!
    Don’t waste time traveling, sitting in traffic, or trying to find an experienced, qualified Coach in your town. You can have access to an established, expert Coach who has helped hundreds of people learn to live the life they were born to live.
  • You don’t have to do this alone!
    I know that you’ve tried to manage your challenges on your own. If that worked, you wouldn’t be here! We all need the right kind of support from time to time. Coaching Packages include one-on-one phone sessions and support between calls. Between-session support and accountability can be very important to my clients’ success! 
  • Schedule Your Complimentary  Phone Consultation Today!
    You can use the following link to my Online Calendar, or call my Client Support staff at (844)226-2245 to learn more whether working with me is the right choice for you!

Group Coaching Programs:

  • An Affordable and Effective way to Get the Help & Support You Deserve!
    You’ll get the information, tools and support you need so that you to start “Firing on All Cylinders” in all areas of your life so that you can have more time and more energy for the things that are most important to you!
  • You’re Not Alone!
    Get support from me, as your Coach, as well as other members of the program who are struggling just like you, and understand your challenges in a safe, supportive group atmosphere. Finally, the support and accountability you need are available to you!
  • Choose the Level of Support that works for You and Your Needs!
    Various support levels are available in my Group Coaching programs. Choose the one that fits your needs, and join us today!
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Self-Coaching Programs:

  • A Variety of Self-Coaching Programs to Fit your Needs
    Please check out the assortment of self-study digital programs and courses available right now! Courses focus on Procrastination, Punctuality, Getting Things Done, Managing Paper, Holiday Planning, and more! Choose where you want to focus.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
    My Self-Coaching Programs are designed to be digested at your own pace, and at your convenience. Learn and Implement on your time, in your way, and even in your jammies if you’d like!
  • Learn Your Way
    All programs are delivered with a combination of written, audio and hands-on implementation for you to engage how you process and learn best! 
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The Choice you Make Today Determines the Path You’ll be On Tomorrow…

What Will You Choose?

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A la Carte Services (Available on a Case-by-Case Basis)

Quick-Start Session:

  • For purchase only as an addition to a monthly coaching package.
  • This extra-length starter session is an opportunity for you to really hit the ground running with our coaching relationship! 
  • The purpose of this session is to jump-start your progress, so that you can see and feel your improvements more quickly.
  • In this intensive session, we will review any appropriate assessments, establish your coaching objectives, plan a course of action for your coaching focus, and get you going!

One-Time Strategy Session / Consulting:

  • This is a single, one-time, one-to-one, private telephone or online strategy session or consultation. 
  • No follow-up or support is provided.
  • A great refresher or update for prior clients, or as a one-time add-on to an existing client package. 
  • One session per person. 

“VIP” Days:

  • Intensive Coaching in your own environment to give you the hands-on, personal help you need. 
  • Set up your environment and solidify your systems in real-time! 
  • Provided live, either in-person or virtually. 



Additional Information:

  • Recurring billing is securely processed monthly for your safety and convenience using a credit/debit card.
  • Monthly coaching package fees are collected in the first week of each month for that month’s services.
  • Calls for international clients can be facilitated on a case-by-case basis using Skype or other online platforms, as determined in advance.
  • All coaching calls are scheduled in Eastern Time.

Please contact Client Services with any questions


** My business is based on happy clients and their referrals! **
Clients receive a 10% discount for each active client referred


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