Who I am . . .


For more than a decade, I’ve helped smart, capable professionals, just like you, whose businesses/careers are not advancing at the level of their ability because they struggle to stay focused, organized and follow-through consistently. I work with busy professionals to create real life, sustainable ways to keep their to-do lists under control, accomplish what they intend every day at work and at home, perform at the level of their abilities, and have more time, energy and money for the rest of life—the really important stuff!

I am a graduate of the ADD Coach Academy’s Advanced Coach Training program, which is the only comprehensive Life & ADHD Coach training program accredited by the governing body of the coaching profession, the International Coach Federation (ICF). Most of all, I’m extremely passionate about helping others make the most of their potential, and start living their lives like they’re really “firing on all cylinders!”


I’m a hard-working, fun-loving, say-it-like-I-see-it kinda gal. I’m also a woman living successfully with the challenges and gifts of ADD, as well as wife of 30 years to the man who truly is my “other half”. (Sorry for the “ick” factor, but it’s true!) He is as perfect a balance to me as another human could be, which is not always easy, but definitely makes each of us a better version of ourselves. He is an incredibly organized, linear, and logical Engineer, and probably the LEAST ADD person on the planet. (I swear that if you look up Attention Deficit in the dictionary, a picture of him will show up under antonyms!) He loves me unconditionally, and he respects and appreciates all of me–even the annoying parts and the parts I’m not always crazy about–and it’s definitely mutual! 

I’m also mom to two amazing young people–a brilliant, funny and talented young man with ADHD, and the smartest and sweetest teenage girl you could ever meet. My kids are as different from each other as they could be, and I love watching them as they are both blossoming into responsible, caring, compassionate young adults.

In addition to being a wife, mom and successful entrepreneur, I’m also a writer, a handywoman-toolbelt-diva, owner/manager of several rental properties, and occasional singer in a rock band. Like most of my clients, I have a wide variety of talents and I wear a lot of hats, but I’ve learned to effectively manage my life and responsibilities to make the room, time and energy for what I want to do without sacrificing my business success, my relations, or my own health and sanity!

What I am definitely NOT is a great cook (or even a very good cook), a terrific housekeeper, or a top-notch filer. But I’m OK with that!  

We are smallerWhere I’ve been . . . 

I grew up in a very close and loving family with three sisters, and lots of ADD! I have been surrounded by others with creative, busy brains like mine all my life. Honestly, I believe a lot of my success and resilience comes from that “normalization” and acceptance of my buzzy brain and ADD-ish tendencies. I always knew I was smart enough and capable enough to do what I intended, but I often felt like I was missing something when it came to organization and time management–like maybe I was absent from school the day everyone else learned how to make it so easy! What I lacked there, I made up for with hard work. I always worked harder and longer than others did to stay on top of things, and constantly tried to learn from the experts and model what I saw others do (including my born-organized husband). I am a card-carrying Covey dropout and GTD failure, but heaven knows I couldn’t have tried harder!

My personal ADD journey really began when I left my previous career to be a stay-at-home Mom to my son. Without the external structure and stimulation of a job outside the home, my own ADD characteristics took over. The simple, everyday tasks that it takes to keep a home and family running smoothly were extremely difficult for me to keep up with consistently. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands: I educated myself on why my brain works the way it does, and did the hard work to learn to do things in ways that work with my individual strengths and talents. Eventually, I hired my own coach and became trained myself to help others learn to do the same in their own lives. I do believe it’s what I was put on this earth to do!

What I believe . . .

I believe that productivity is a vehicle, not a goal in and of itself. Improved time management is a means to an end, and that “end” is different for each of us. Whether your “end” is professional advancement, money, improved relationships or something else, you get the most from each 24 hours by when you’re doing things in ways that are natural to you. Each of us has unique strengths, talents, and ways of doing things that can make us more effective and efficient, and make our lives easier when we work with them. Implementing systems and tools that are more natural to you makes life easier for you, and what’s easier for you is what you’re most likely to sustain consistently!

Each of us have talents and gifts that must be utilized if we’re going to live a life of fulfillment, happiness and achievement. My unique talents and gifts include my busy ADD brain wiring, and my busy brain brings out different challenges and strengths in me that are as individual as my personality, and I know that’s true for each of us. I believe the way to live your own, best life is to gain an understanding of who you really are, how you work best, and to embrace and develop your own strengths to compensate for your challenges, not try to be someone or something you are not. I’ve been there and done that, and so have my clients. And I know both personally and professionally that it doesn’t work! (And, if you’re still reading this, I think you know that, too.)

What I do . . .

I work with individuals to help them learn how to work with their strengths and unique characteristics, rather than struggling against them to create practical, sustainable ways to work effectively and efficiently so that they can achieve what they want most, without sacrificing their sanity, their relationships, and themselves. I help my clients maximize their potential in all areas of life! It’s really about fulfillment–not just how much you can cross off your to-do list!

I’m blessed to really love what I do, and I am very passionate about helping the amazing people I am fortunate to work with every day. There is never a dull moment in my line of work, and the individuals I coach are so amazingly talented and so much fun, and they really keep things different for me every day. My passion is to watch my clients’ lives change as they change their perspective on themselves, their abilities, and what they’re capable of.

I can help you live the life you want to live, on your terms, in your own way.

Here is what some of my clients are saying:

  • “Lynne is a wonderful coach! She always has creative ideas, suggestions and recommendations based on my own specific issues with ADHD. Lynne is friendly, compassionate, patient, understanding, and never judgmental. Not only have I learned a lot from Lynne, but I also enjoy talking and working with her. … I highly recommend Lynne as an ADHD coach – you will love her!” – MF


  • I am so glad I made the investment in myself and also got to know Lynne in the process. I use tips and strategies every day that she helped me develop. I would recommend time with Lynne any day. Get out of your head, make the call and take care of you!” – Leanne


  • “I don’t know how, but you’ve changed my entire outlook on life and my abilities.”

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*Lynne is a trained Coach.  Lynne is not a licensed medical professional, psychologist, counselor or diagnostician.  Please consult a licensed medical or psychological professional for diagnosis and medical treatment of ADHD / ADD or any other condition.


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