Keeping up at Home (Even with ADD)!
too much on your plate

Too much on your plate?

Struggling to keep up with the things they need to do at home is something my clients complain about all the time. For most of us, even our kids and teens, life can be extremely full and fast-paced, making it hard to keep up with what we need to do, and what we should do–especially when ADHD is part of the equation.

There are many reasons those of us with ADD often struggle to keep up at home, including our challenges with Executive Function and the absence of appropriate structure and systems. Add to that the fact that much of what we’re trying to keep up with is just plain old boring, and you can have a recipe for ADD disaster!

Here are a few quick tips to help you help yourself, or your child, to keep up better at home:

  • Look at where you/your child are keeping up ok, and where you/your child are not. What is different about the two areas in terms of how they are managed, how they are approached, and how they are perceived /thought about?
  • Start to work on creating daily, weekly, and monthly routines to make it easier to keep up with things at home.
  • Use checklists and whatever reminders are helpful, knowing that those tools may likely need to be slightly changed from time to time to keep them fresh.
  • Be careful not to take on to much at once! It’s often best to focus on just 1-3 (max!) things to create routines around at a time. Once they feel like they are on auto-pilot consistently, add another in.
  • Use patterning and chunking to help solidify those routines.

As always, make sure you’re focusing on and celebrating effort and improvement! It takes time to change a lifetime of habits and the way you’ve been doing things. Make sure you are noticing and rewarding yourself and your child for the effort expended, and any progress at all.

Of course, don’t forget that there are plenty of ways to get help if you need it! I’m here and ready to get to work when you are.

Until next time,

Lynne Edris, ACG
Life & ADHD Coach

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