Here are a few Unsolicited Client Testimonials and Comments from Group Members:

“[The tools from the Unleashed© program] have been really, really helpful to settle my mind in a proactive way rather than a reactive way.”
- Jaon C
Computer Programmer
"I am beginning to think differently and "talk to myself" in nicer ways, thanks to you. Your program has REALLY opened my eyes to thinking differently. Thank you SO much! I can't praise you enough"
- Michael
Finance Executive
“Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am now, I’d be hiding under the dining room table, a blubbering mess. That was where I was headed… "
- Wendii
Business Development Executive
“This is the first time that I can remember in a long time, feeling like I’m not just spinning around and scared of that one thing I’m going to forget. It’s been amazing for that!” … “I’m a big fan!”
- Mellisa
Real Estate Broker
“"I am so glad I made the investment in myself. I use (these) tips and strategies every day. Get out of your head, and take care of you!"
- Leanne V
Mortgage Executive
“I knew I needed more to make lasting changes—Unleashed! is helping with that. Your advice has … improved my life more ways than you can imagine. Thanks for all of your help”.
- Kristin
"Lynne is absolutely AMAZING!! She has helped me tremendously with my struggles/challenges living with ADHD! Her down-to-earth manner makes her so easy to communicate with and her experiences and expertise in the field as an ADD coach are priceless!!"
- Sharon T
Medical Professional
"Lynne helped me get and stay focused. My professional life was a shitshow before working with her. ... What are you 100% sure you can do to get started? Maybe it's giving her a call."
- Bert M
Mental Health Professional
"I just finished Module 1 [of the Get it Done© program] and all I can say is that I am sooooooo thankful I joined the program. It was exactly what I needed. I would have spent far more on counseling sessions to just uncover a small part of the 'why' I was feeling stuck. You nailed it, everything I have been struggling with for so many years made sense. "I can take ownership and be kind to myself and move on without the guilt and blame that accompanied me for so long."
- Paola
"“This [Get it Done©] program (especially Module 3) has been life changing for me. For anyone who’s grown up neurodivergent, it’s essential. … That module is the missing piece. It’s so life changing! … I’ve worked with … therapists, somatic coaches, other ADHD coaches, and it was only when I got through Get it Done that I felt things change.”
- Mythili
"You are nothing short of a MIRACLE. You have gotten me to see even the most impossible situations as challenges I can handle! Boy, a year ago I thought there was very little that I could handle; now I'm ready to take on the world!"
- Gabriel
"You have been a lifeline for me. You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself."
- Kathy C
Medical Professional
"I have spent thousands of dollars of ADHD individual coaching, group coaching, therapy, books, lectures, etc. I have worked in mental health and been in counseling for 20+ years. Talking about, learning about, teaching about, and managing my ADHD is a HUGE part of my day to day life. I can't think of anything I would recommend more enthusiastically than Lynne's group programs.'s incredible."
- KK
Mental Health Practitioner

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