That First Step's a Doozy! How to "Just Get Started"

I know how frustrating it is that you know what you need to do. You even know how to do it! So, why isn’t it done already?

When we avoid or procrastinate on the things we intend to do, the Struggle with Getting Started is often at the core.

In this training replay,  you’ll learn how your struggle to Get Started impacts your life, why you struggle to do what you intend to do, and walk away with simple, real-life tools to help you get started when you need to!

You’ll get the:

  • Audio recording MP3 download,
  • The updated companion PDF worksheet, 
  • The PDF Transcript of the session,
  • Plus! Important Implementation Exercises to take you from learning to Doing! 

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That First Step's a Doozy!

How to "Just Get Started"
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  • Plus! The PDF Transcripts of the program