Lynne Edris Presents: 5-day FREE Time Freedom Challenge | September 12-16, 2022 @12:00 pm (noon) ET

Time Freedom Challenge
Frequently Asked Questions

Challenge Dates and Times:
September 12-16, 2022 at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to receive all the resources for the challenge, all participants must register at . All program resources are provided by email.

The Live 5-Day Challenge sessions will be at 12:00 PM (Noon) Eastern Time, starting Monday, September 12, 2022, and will be focused on practical strategies to help you take control of your days and create the Freedom you want for what’s most important to you!

The challenge will consist of:

  • 5 daily, LIVE workshop-style, interactive Challenge Sessions in our private Facebook community, September 12-16 2022. Each live session will be at 12:00 PM Noon Eastern (New York) Time, and last approximately 40-60 minutes (although Friday’s session may be a little longer as Lynne makes sure all your questions are answered).
  • 5 Daily Worksheets provided by email. Each day, a new worksheet is provided to registered participants by email several hours before the session.
    Please download the fillable worksheet and have it with you during the day’s training to get the most from the session.
  • 5 Daily Homework questions to help you take what you’re learning to a deeper level that facilitates lasting change.
    Note: These questions are an integral part of taking the information you learn and turning it into lasting change, so please don’t skip this part! Please share your response to each question on the corresponding post in the Facebook group so that Lynne and the other members can support you. (This implementation homework is so important that we decided to ethically “bribe” you by giving you an entry in a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card for each daily homework submission when you add ” #TimeFreedomChallenge ” to your post!)
  • Interaction and Support from Lynne and your peers is provided exclusively in our private, members-only Facebook community. You can request membership in the group (if you haven’t already) by visiting and answering ALL membership questions. 


The Live sessions are held in a our private Time to Thrive Facebook group with live Q&A,  interaction and support during and between the live sessions. 

Note: Support for the challenge is limited exclusively to the Facebook group. Participants who choose to forego joining the Facebook group can watch the livestreams and the replays on YouTube (see link below), but will do so without support and interaction. 

Replay recordings are available for free in the Facebook group and on Youtube through 11:59 PM ET, Sunday, September 18, 2022. (See below)

If you’re not on Facebook, you have the opportunity to watch the class on my YouTube Channel (  

Each session is recorded, and the replay of each session is available for free in the Facebook group and on YouTube through 11:59 PM Eastern (New York) Time on Sunday, September 18, 2022. 

Please note that these replays will be removed and will no longer be available after that time. 

Registered members will find direct links to the replays on Facebook and a link to the convenient YouTube playlist via our Recap page in their daily members-only emails.

For help with time zone conversions, please visit

  1. Make sure you officially registered for the Time Freedom Challenge. Registration link: (Only those who are registered for this challenge will receive the worksheet handouts and other important program material.)
  2. Make sure you whitelist “” , google “How to Whitelist address in insert your email client

Challenges are more fun with friends, and there is great power in the kind of positive social pressure you get when you participate with people you know! You can maximize your experience in the challenge and help someone who needs it by inviting friends and people you know to join in! I’d love nothing more than to help the people you care about to have the same kind of empowering transformation you’re going to have, so please simply send them to to register and #sharethelove

I’m sure there are people in your life who need more free Time and this challenge in the same way that you do. (You know, birds of a feather and all…).  Feel free to copy and share the simple message below if you’d like: 

I just joined the Time Freedom challenge! I’m so excited to take back my time and get un-busy… It’s all about taking control of your days and creating more free time and energy for the rest of life. Let’s do this together and keep each other going! You can sign up to join us at www.TimeAnd


What We’ll Cover in The Time Freedom Challenge!

Day 1: Command Your Calendar

Take control of your calendar and set it up in a way that helps you accomplish what matters more easily, AND claim more free time!

Day 2: Design Your Ideal Life

Get clear on the life you really want and take practical steps to create it!

Day 3: Prioritize What Matters

Make sure the things that matter most get the time and attention they deserve!

Day 4: Tackle Time Traps

Identify your most problematic time and energy wasters and stop letting time (and your ideal life) slip through your fingers.

Day 5: Claim Your Time Freedom!

Accomplish what you intend more easily and claim your Time Freedom!

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"Lynne is absolutely AMAZING!! She has helped me tremendously with my struggles/challenges living with ADHD! Her down-to-earth manner makes her so easy to communicate with and her experiences and expertise in the field as an ADD coach are priceless!!"
Sharon T
"You are nothing short of a MIRACLE. You have gotten me to see even the most impossible situations as challenges I can handle! Boy, a year ago I thought there was very little that I could handle; now I'm ready to change the world!"
"Lynne is a wonderful coach! She always has creative ideas, suggestions and recommendations based on my own specific issues with ADHD. Lynne is friendly, compassionate, patient, understanding, and never judgmental. Not only have I learned a lot from Lynne, but I also enjoy talking and working with her. ... I highly recommend Lynne as an ADHD coach – you will love her!"
""I am so glad I made the investment in myself and also got to know Lynne in the process. I use tips and strategies every day that she helped me develop. I would recommend time with Lynne any day. Get out of your head, make the call and take care of you!"