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Building Momentum

Sometimes, one of the hardest things for an individual with ADHD to do is just to get started!  Other times, we have great energy and enthusiasm and get started with a “bang,” only to lose momentum and struggle to follow through and finish.  I know many of you have left a wake of unfinished projects behind you!  I hear about them all the time from my clients, and I’ve been there myself. 

I’ve given you many tools to help

you get started in these articles, but once we get started, it’s important to create momentum that lasts! 

When we build momentum, what we need to do becomes less of struggle, and the momentum continues with much less effort—and that’s how you get to the finish line!  That’s how you finish what you start, and follow through on your intentions–by letting physics do the work—by building momentum, and letting that momentum carry you, rather than by pushing through on your own.

Getting in touch with the “Who” of what you’re doing, why it matters in the deeper sense related to your values, is one way to maintain that momentum.  Creating visual reminders, such as vision board and other reminders, can help keep that motivator in the front of your mind.

Noticing and keeping track of your progress (no matter how small) and truly celebrating and taking pride in that progress is another important tool for building momentum, but it’s very hard for some of us to do without a serious shift in our thinking.   

How are you focusing on your progress, and rewarding your effort?  Are you appreciating the smaller steps it takes to get to your destination, or only giving yourself credit for crossing the finish line? Does your “less-than-perfect” effort or outcome deserve acknowledgement and recognition?  If not, your biggest obstacle may just well be the one between your ears!

What can you pay attention to that will help you build momentum?

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