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A Positive Side to ADHD? Really?

As a woman with ADD myself and parent to a young man with ADHD, I’m acutely aware that ADHD can present some pretty negative challenges.  I’m also reminded every day by my clients of the incredible struggle and pain that can come from having ADHD, and failing to really reach your potential.

But I think it’s important to have a good balance in our perspective—about everything—including ADHD!  If we think of something as only good, we’re being unrealistic, and we can’t really move forward and make improvements. If we’re only focused on the negative side of our ADHD challenges, we will become stuck in that negativity, without hope and without belief in our potential.  Balance is key! half empty half full

If you learn to recognize it, every negative characteristic that’s related to your ADHD has a positive aspect to it. Here are 5 common ADHD Challenges, and a more positive “up-side” to those challenges:

  1. Distractibility (or difficulty regulating focus and attention): we can be prone to a really intense form of concentration we call “Hyper-focus” when something is very interesting or stimulating to us, which can be terrific when channeled well.
  2. Procrastination: those of us with ADHD struggle with procrastination because we have such very high standards and expectations. We often get stuck because we expect such high quality work from ourselves. Again, that can be a good thing when channeled well.
  3. Time Insensitivity: we tend to live in a more intuitive kind of flow, rather than being constrained by structured time, so we often have a unique sort of internal organization and can come up with some really innovative ways of doing things and creative systems.
  4. Impulsivity: we tend to be spontaneous and quick and give our genuine gut responses! We tend to be a “what you see is what you get” bunch, and willing risk takers at time. Dr. Ned Hallowell said, “Creativity is Impulsivity gone right!”
  5. Hyperactivity (either physical of cognitive): We tend to have great energy and enthusiasm for things that are of interest, and can be quite driven at times. Our mental hyperactivity can make us great idea-generators brainstormers, and intuitive problem-solvers.
    Learning to manage your challenges is important, of course, but so is learning to balance your focus on the positive side of your traits as well! It can help you go a long way to living successful with ADHD!

So, what’s the Up-Side to your ADHD?

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