Video: Procrastination: Movement, Momentum and Motivation

Check out this 2 Minute video for Tips to create Movement and Motivation from Procrastination and Overwhelm. Improve your Follow-Through and Productivity!

Videos from Lynne Edris, Productivity & ADHD Coach. Helping Overwhelmed Professionals Reach their Potential by Taking control of their Time and Tackling their To-Dos so they have more time, more energy and more money for what matters most!


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Lynne Edris
For more than a decade, I’ve helped smart, capable professionals, whose lives/careers are not advancing at the level of their ability because they can’t focus, stay organized, get things done, and follow-through consistently. I help people from all over the world create real life, sustainable ways to keep their to-do lists from getting out of control, accomplish what they intend every day, perform at the level of their abilities, and still have the time and energy for the rest of life! Schedule your Complimentary Phone Consultation to Find out How I can Help You Start "Firing on All Cylinders", too!

2 Responses to “Video: Procrastination: Movement, Momentum and Motivation

  • Kathaline Hansen
    5 months ago

    thanks from reminding me to take 1 small step for momentum, even if I don’t feel wonderful at that time. AND CHEER MYSELF ON!!

    • It’s hard to remember, and sometimes even harder to do, but we HAVE to cheer ourselves on!


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