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Often, it is the most simple and run-of-the-mill tasks that are a struggle for those of us with ADHD: paperwork, filing, reports, balancing the checkbook, de-cluttering, laundry, returning phone calls, housework, tax preparation, etc.  Part of the reason we beat ourselves up mercilessly about our struggles with these mundane things is that we know we’re ABLE to do these things. We know we’re bright enough. We know we’re intelligent enough, and we know we’re capable.  We have the means to do these things.  We know they need to be done and that we SHOULD be doing them, but we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to get them done.

In this audio, I’ll explore why those of us with ADHD struggle to get done what we need to get done, and the most common obstacles we encounter to doing them. Finally, I’ll give you some practical solutions to help you overcome those obstacles, so that you can stop struggling to do what you need and want to do, and just Get Things Done!

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