Do you Struggle as a Parent

  • Do you dread morning and all the insanity it brings?
  • Do you send your child off to school feeling once again like the “Parent of the Year” after all the nagging and yelling it takes to get him out the door on time?
  • Does the thought of the bedtime hour approaching overwhelm you with a feeling of impending stress, knowing what it takes to get your kids into bed for the night—for good?
  • Is homework more work for you than for your child? Does the thought of your child’s long-term assignment or project fill you with fear and dread?
  • Do you wish you didn’t have to repeat the same things, have the same arguments, and live the “same day” over and over and over again?
  • Do you marvel at the “together” parents know whose kids go to school every day on time, in clean clothes, with perfectly groomed hair, tidy backpacks, fresh lunches, and a home-made craft or snack to share with the class?
  • Do you wonder how your children will be organized when you can’t get it together yourself?

I know it’s hard.

As a woman with ADD and mom to a  young man with ADHD, I’ve been there myself! I also know that it can get easier.

Parenting any child requires a complex set of skill, but parenting a child with ADHD / ADD requires those skills to be developed to a whole new level! But just like any other skill, those skills can be sharpened, and life can be easier! 

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