How Can Coaching Help YOU?

You are not alone, and it really doesn’t have to be so hard.  I can help you live the life you want to live, and reach your goals in all areas.

As Your Coach, I will:

  • provide a supportive, non-judgmental, goal-oriented relationship;
  • identify and maximize your areas of special strength and talent, while minimizing your areas of challenge;
  • help you to develop individual tools, systems and strategies for everyday life to help you reach their potential;
  • provide a “just-right” balance of accountability and support to help you make long-lasting changes that you can sustain;
  • help facilitate a more complete understanding of ADHD in general, and how these traits may show up in you or the ones you love; and
  • work with you to develop “best practices” for living with (or parenting your children with) ADHD / ADD.

As Your Coach, I Can Help You Overcome Struggles:

In Your Personal Life

In Your Professional Life

As a Parent


Find out how Coaching can help you be the person you want to be.

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*For a great explanation of the difference between therapy and coaching, please see: Therapy and ADD Coaching: Similarities, Differences, and Collaboration by Coach Nancy Ratey

 Let me Change Your Perspective on ADD!


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