What gets in your way?

Poor Time Management?
Too Much on Your Plate?

You know what to do...
You've read the books...
You've listened to the self-help seminars...
You bought all the gadgets and gizmos...
Why Can't You Get it Together?!

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Do you truly Know, deep down, that you are Capable of So Much More?

  • You’re struggling to Perform to your Abilities, but you can’t quite get there, consistently.
  • You Know What to Do, but you just can’t quite seem to follow through, regularly.
  • You’re tired of watching people all around you who are No Smarter Than You advance in their careers and lives while you Struggle just to keep your to-dos from sucking the life out of you.
  • You’re exhausted at the end of every day with little energy and focus left to be fully present for the people and things you care most about.
  • You’re Working Hard and trying to overcome the same Everyday Challenges without success, and it’s taking its toll on how you feel about yourself and your capabilities.
  • You’re ready to Take Control of Your Days and Your Life!

I get it!

I’ve been where you are: hiding my challenges. Afraid to be found out. Knowing I’m smart enough to achieve more, and having moments of fulfillment and attainment, but frustrated because I couldn’t seem to quite get there consistently.

I know what it’s like to know, deep down that you’re capable of so much more. I know what it’s like to want desperately to Get Your Performance and your Potential In Sync.

And I also know what it’s like to finally feel like I’m “Firing on All Cylinders,” being and doing my best in all areas of my life!

That nagging feeling of Wasted Potential is what
I am so passionate about Helping my Clients Change!

Hi there, I’m Coach Lynne Edris. For more than a decade, I’ve helped smart, capable professionals, just like you, whose lives/careers are not advancing at the level of their ability because they can’t focus, stay organized, get things done, and follow-through consistently. I’ve helped them reduce procrastination and improve performance and time management so that they have more time, more energy, and more money for what they love most! 

Sign up to get my 7 Fool-Proof Productivity Hacks to take control of your days. I share with you some Fundamental Pieces of how I help my clients keep their To-Do Lists Under Control, Accomplish what they Intend every day, Perform at the Level of their Abilities, and still Have Time and Energy for the Rest of Life!

And if you’re ready to find out how I can help you start “Firing on All Cylinders,” too, Schedule your Complimentary Consultation Today. What do you have to lose?


I’m here and ready to get to work when you are. When you’re ready to take that first step toward reaching your potential,
contact me or click the link below to schedule your complimentary phone consultation.

You have nothing to lose!

The life you were meant to live is waiting!

What are people saying?

Real words from real clients!
  • "Lynne is a dynamic example of both professionalism and personal care for those with whom she works. ... She has both the knowledge and experience of dealing with many of the complicated issues that surround those of us gifted with the ADD/ADHD challenge."
  • "You have been a lifeline for me. You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself."
  • "Lynne is a wonderful coach! She always has creative ideas, suggestions and recommendations based on my own specific issues with ADHD. Lynne is friendly, compassionate, patient, understanding, and never judgmental. Not only have I learned a lot from Lynne, but I also enjoy talking and working with her. ... I highly recommend Lynne as an ADHD coach – you will love her!"
  • "I am so glad I made the investment in myself and also got to know Lynne in the process. I use tips and strategies every day that she helped me develop. I would recommend time with Lynne any day. Get out of your head, make the call and take care of you!"
  • "I don't know how, but you've changed my entire outlook on life and my abilities."
  • "You are nothing short of a MIRACLE. You have gotten me to see even the most impossible situations as challenges I can handle! Boy, a year ago I thought there was very little that I could handle; now I'm ready to change the world!"

Tired of having a never-ending to-do list? 

I’d love to share with you my 7 Fool-Proof Productivity Hacks! They’ll keep that list under control, help you accomplish exactly what you’ve intended so you still have time and energy for all the other important things in your life.

We promise not to rent, sell or share your personal information. 


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